‘Rumeno’ feature film by Catalin Mitulescu starts shooting in Bucharest


The third feature film of director Catalin Mitulescu, called ‘Rumeno’ has started shooting in Bucharest, Strada Film informs in a release sent to Agerpres on Thursday. Shooting takes place in various places in Bucharest, from July 21 to Aug. 16, and the movie will hit the big screen in early 2015. The movie will be starring actors Alexandru Potocean and Ada Condeescu; the film editor is Ion Ioachim Stroe and the cinematographer Liviu Marghidan. The movie tells the story of Radu, a young man who returns to Romania one year after he went to Italy looking for a job. He finds his wife Monica totally changed and his son Luca taller than he expected. The couple spends one night trying to rediscover one another. The time spent apart has created mistrust and confusion between the two spouses, but it also gives them a chance for a fresh start.