“Miranda” and “Richard III”, at Shakespeare International Festival of Bucharest

The 9th edition of the Shakespeare International Festival of Bucharest invites the public to enjoy two unique theatrical shows, “Miranda” and “Richard III”, in the vision of two award-winning contemporary directors, Oskaras Korsunovas and Wang Xiaoying.
In the evenings of April 27 and 28 aprilie, at the Sala ArCub hall, starting 7.00 PM, The OKT Theatre of the Vilnius Municipality (Lithuania), led by Oskaras Korsunovas, will stage the show “Miranda”, an adaptation of “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. Sometimes seen as a social drama on the “endless and absurd fight for power,” or as a struggle of the intellectual in a world of mediocrity, Miranda is the echo of Prospero’s soul, an alter-ego that rebelled against the world’s resistance to cultural values, the philosophic reason vs. the universal pragmatism. Miranda (Airida Gintautaite) and Prospero (Darius Meskauskas) are two apparently antagonistic characters created in order to describe the clash of reason and soul over the same body. Director Oskaras Korsunovas is a laureate of the National Art and Culture Award of Lithuania and professor of acting at the Music and Theatre Academy of Lithuania.
In the evenings of April 29 and 30, starting at 7.00 PM, the Majestic hall of the Odeon Theatre will host the National Theatre of China with “Richard III”, an adaptation of the homonymous play by William Shakespeare, in the vision of director Wang Xiaoying. Same as the author conceived him, Richard is the personification of the power-hungry tyrant, the demonic genius which perturbs hierarchies and sacrifices alliances in order to get the throne, and who sardonically states “I am the Chaos!” Wang Xiaoying’s show also unveils another facet of the insidious character, that of the man who conquers the recently widowed Lady Ann. Punished by his creator, protagonist Richard III – as seen by the Chinese director – fascinates, scandalises and revolts the public at every performance.
The 9th edition of the Shakespeare International Festival takes place under the slogan “Everybody’s Shakespeare” and, starting 2016, 400 years after the death of the famous playwright, the edition will be renamed “Shakespeare for eternity”. Tickets for the performances of the festival can be purchased at the ArCuB ticket office, online at bilete.arcub.ro and at the ticket office of the Odeon Theatre, starting April 15. Prices depend on categories: RON 55 – 1st category, RON 45 – 2nd and RON 35 – 3rd.

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