“The main objective in 2014 is to consolidate our market leadership”

Interview with Bogdan Apahidean, Managing Director at LeasePlan Romania.

Last year, the operating lease market stagnated. What were the main factors which contributed to this trend and what are your predictions for this year (if it’s not too early to tell)? The end of the year usually brings about significant changes.
Last year, the market was affected by various factors which included economic instability, the decline of the car industry, and frequent legislative changes.
Considering these elements, the stagnation of the operating lease market was normal and even encouraging, so long as it did not drop. Economic difficulties and legislative changes have created a sense of insecurity and have subsequently led to a very low demand of the operating lease market. I can say with certainty that almost no fleet management bids were held in the first half of last year. Furthermore, the existing bids were organized by companies that were already using the operating lease system.


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