“We expect an increase of volumes by no less than 15 pc in 2014”

Interview with Alessandro Romei, country manager Rina Romania.

Rina Romania, local leader in the certification sector, which provides services of evaluation, control, certification and research related to materials, projects, technology and many other sectors, ended year 2013 with positive results, despite the still difficult economic conditions present on the Romanian and international market. The turnover of last year advanced by more than 10 pc against 2012 and the operational margin registered in 2013 was much above that of the previous year. For 2014, Rina Romania anticipates a consolidation of its leadership position and another year of significant growth.
What are the main results of your activity in 2013?
We can consider ourselves content with the results achieved in 2013 by the RINA Group in Romania, as these results once again demonstrate the efficiency of the strategy adopted during these last years. In fact, all business directions had a positive trend with very valuable results of increase in the voluntary certificates for the food sector, in due diligence for the projects pertaining to renewable energy and in forming and training the specialised technical personnel, such as: welders, painters and CDN operators. Speaking of numbers, the turnover of this last year increased by more than 10 pc compared to that of 2012 and the operational margin registered in 2013 was much higher than the previous year.
To what extent has the economic crisis influenced your activity in 2013, compared to the previous years?
The context of the macroeconomic crisis that continued in 2013 too, certainly had a negative influence on our performance. Nevertheless, during the last years we had a constant and systematic growth in terms of generated business, and this is certainly due to the flexibility and quality of our service portfolio. We are fully aware of the persistent difficulties which exist presently, but consider that there are countless opportunities that deserve being fructified. We act with this conviction, keeping a tight control of costs, intensifying commercial efforts and maintaining a high quality of provided services.
What are the objectives of your company for 2014?
The objectives that have been defined in the budget for this year are provocative and ambitious, as we actually know that we have the means necessary to maintain the position of leadership on our reference market and we are also sure that we will continue to have a growth rate. In order to attain the new targets this year we will mainly act on three fronts:
- we will expand the territorial coverage by opening new offices, so we can reach our customers more easily, be close to them and better cater to their needs, and also by purchasing other offices in zones where we do not currently have enough influence;
- we will significantly stimulate the commercial growth through an inflow of qualified resources that can truly represent added value for the efficiency of our Sales, Marketing and Customer Development processes;
- we will continue to obtain new local and international accreditations/recognitions/qualifications for the services we already provide and also for the new, added-value services that will be particularly studied and will be proposed to the new markets, everything contributing to the continuous increase of their technical quality, which is already at a very high level, so we affirm ourselves, more and more, as a “global provider” and especially as a “problem solver” for those who choose us as partners.
How do you evaluate the evolution of the economic context in Romania last year? What expectations do you have for 2014?
In my opinion, the Romanian market has always had potential, from an industrial point of view, either in the production sector, or in services, and this is why we are optimistic about the future. We are sure that one will find the motivation lost because of the recent crisis and we believe that soon the right conditions will exist so the market can give satisfactions to entrepreneurs and investors. As far as we are concerned, we felt – like everybody these years – also in 2013 a slowdown of the national and international economy, but I honestly tell you that we did not register a significant loss of customers except from the physiological one preventively provided in the budget each year.
Starting 2014, we can certainly expect a consolidation of our position of leadership and an increase of volumes by no less than 15 pc, with positive repercussions on the operational margins at the end of the year.

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