“We share same views on EU key dossiers”


by H.E. Mr. Titus Corlatean, Romania’s Foreign Minister:

On the occasion of the National Day of Austria, I would like to convey my cordial congratulations and best wishes to the Austrian people.
The relations between Romania and Austria are excellent and are constantly developing on an already solid basis, reflecting our close political relationship and European partnership. This partnership is grounded in common interests and mutual responsibility within the European Union. It enhances the security and prosperity of both our peoples and of our region as a whole.
Beyond the broad development of our bilateral relations, I am particularly pleased to highlight the positive results of our joint European initiative, the EU Danube Strategy. The role that our countries play together in promoting the Danube Strategy also paves the ground for a deeper reflection process on the future of the EU and regional cooperation in our area. The 2nd Annual Forum of EU Strategy for the Danube Region will take place in Bucharest on 28-29 October 2013.
Apart from the collaboration on the Danube Strategy, Romania and Austria share the interest for further taking the European integration process as well as a common view on key EU dossiers, with a special emphasis on efficiently tackling the economic and financial crisis, the EU enlargement or strengthening the EU global role. We are both actively engaged in the discussions at EU level on these dossiers in order to bring our contribution to the decision making and to the consolidation of the EU projects. I trust that our cooperation within the EU will further develop in the benefit of our countries and the EU.
Furthermore, we need to continue to work together to support the Western Balkans region and the countries in the Eastern Neighbourhood and to encourage them to advance faster on their European path.
For over a decade now, Austria has been one of Romania’s most significant and reliable foreign trading partners and investors. At the same time Romania has acted as a gateway to the East for many Austrian companies, especially in the Black Sea region. Romania has proven to be a hotspot for the Austrian investments in our region, especially in fields like oil and gas, banking and insurance. Their overall impact on the positive development of the Romanian economy is remarkable, accounting for over 20% of all investments made since the 1990s, generating almost 10% of our yearly GDP and employing over 100.000 people. Even in uncertain economic circumstances, the Austrian investors have recognised Romania’s potential and have consolidated their positions on the market. I hope they will maintain a high level of interest towards the existing opportunities, as the investment outlook in Romania for the future looks very promising.
Romania remains committed to further developing the economic and political ties with Austria, especially in areas like energy, environment, agriculture, tourism and absorption of EU funds, as well as cooperation and mutual support in European affairs.
We should not forget the cultural dimension of the bilateral relation – besides the historical ties between Romania and Austria, there are more than 70.000 Romanians living, working and studying in Austria. Together with the Austrians in Romania, they form an important link between our countries.
Happy Austrian National Day!