4.4170 RON/EUR, lowest exchange rate since August 2013

The National Bank of Romania posted an exchange rate of 4.4170 RON per EUR on Thursday, a decrease of over 2 bani (monetary division, 100th part of RON) compared to the previous day, marking the lowest exchange rate over the past nine and a half months. The exchange rate went down by 2.08 bani, or 0.47 percent, to the lowest level since August 6, 2013, when the rate posted by the central bank was 4.4111 RON/EUR.
For the USD, the central bank posted a rate of 3.2280 RON per USD, one ban lower, or 0.13 percent. The rate for the Swiss Franc went down by 1.58 bani, to 3.6160 RON/Franc.
Shortly before 1 pm, when BNR announces its reference rate, the EUR was rated on the inter-banking market at 4.4155-4.4165 RON, more than a ban less than the values at the end of Wednesday’s session, close to 4.4280 RON/EUR. The appreciation might be motivated, according to dealers, by the capital exits from Russia, money attracted by Romania as well, but also by the extremely positive market sentiment following the favourable data regarding the agricultural crops in the EU, released on Wednesday, reports Mediafax.  The volumes in the first part of the day were above the levels of the previous sessions, with 60 transfers made, according to dealers. The minimum of the first half of the inter-banking session was 4.4130 RON/EUR, and the highest level was 4.4288 RON/EUR. In the region, the Hungarian forint and the Polish zloty are standing still compared to EUR. The Romanian currency started the day in a slight ascension compared to the EUR, continuing its positive trend, following the economic data slightly above expectations in China and the good evolutions of the stock markets in the US and Asia overnight.
The average interest rates for Thursday morning at commercial banks for the attracted deposits (ROBID) and placed deposits (ROBOR) in RON over a day continued to go down and reached 0.18 – 0.68 percent a year, under the Tuesday level of 0.19 to 0.69 percent a year. The interest rates continue to be under the rate of monetary policy of BNR of 3.5 percent a year. The ROBOR interest rate for placements with a three-month deadline, on which the interests for the loans in RON granted by banks on short and medium term depend on, went down to 2.76 percent a year compared to 2.77 percent a year on Wednesday morning. As for Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), it went up slightly by 0.4 percent during the first part of the Thursday session, as the market liquidity was supported by several stocks which usually report good sales. The investors traded shares in amount of RON 8.8 million by 2 pm, below the average amount of the past couple of weeks for this period of the session. The liquidity was supported by deals with BRD shares (1.7 million RON), Romgaz (SNG – 1.36 million), OMV Petrom (446,000) and Transgaz (354,000).

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