40-car pile-up leaves four injured on A1, two days after inauguration

About 40 cars smashed into each other in a massive pile-up early on Sunday in the county of Alba, on the Sibiu-Orastie motorway, the Sebes-Cunta direction. According to preliminary information, the drivers did not adapt the speed to the road conditions, as the area was witnessing dense fog and frost. Four people were injured and 31 vehicles damaged. One of the victims, a woman, suffered major injuries, with extrication experts being needed in order to pull her out of the car. The woman was taken to the Alba Iulia County Hospital and the other three people, who suffered fractures to the Sebes hospital. CNADNR (The Romanian National Company of Motorways and National Roads) was fined for taking the measure of spreading anti slip solution too late, given the frosty conditions. Another road accident occurred Saturday night on DN7 in Hunedoara County, injuring four people.
Moreover, the driver of a taxi and his client were injured Saturday evening in Bucharest after their car was hit by a police van belonging to the Gendarmerie, at the intersection between Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd and Vasile Parvan Street.


  1. Stary rolnik says:

    Blimey what a good start!

  2. Transylvanian Werewolf says:

    Thats because 95% Romanian drivers don’t give a damn with regards traffic regulations, daily I see drivers and front seat passengers driving with no seat belts, drivers no seat belt and talking / texting on the phone, driving the wrong way on clearly marked one way streets, excessive speed, parking on footpaths and green areas, Couriers reading documentation while driving, etc..etc..

    Compounded by a Road Traffic Police Corp who cant be bothered to enforce the laws that exist.

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