900 units of Ford B-Max commissioned

Upon receiving an additional order of approx. 900 B-Max vehicles which will be assembled at the factory in Craiova, American car manufacturer Ford has decided to cut back the number of days during which production will be shut down by three days. “(…) The demand was made by clients on Ford’s primary markets where the B-Max model is being sold. Ford will continue to adapt the Craiova unit production volume to market demand,” Ana-Maria Timis, spokesperson for Ford Romania, stated, as cited by Mediafax. Early last month, Ford announced its decision to temporarily shut down B-Max production for six workdays in April, eight workdays in May, and nine workdays in June due to a decrease in European demand. B-Max sales in Europe have dropped by 11.5 percent in the first three months to 16,800 units, according to Ford. The B-Max model is only manufactured by the factory in Craiova and assembling operations were initiated in mid-2012. The car is exclusively sold on the European market in the following countries: Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

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