Monday, October 23, 2017

Political solidarity and taxes

“Asked if the introduction of the solidarity tax has been discussed again and what the conclusion is, the Head of Government said: ‘The conclusion,...

Alles Gute zum Nationalfeiertag!

Important announcement!

We are surprised to find out that, at various press conferences and events, a person going by the name of LUCIAN DAN, who usually uses the email address to send press accreditation requests, continues to present himself as member of the editorial team of the Sette Giorni weekly, despite being warned that this usurpation of capacity is a forgery that causes us damage.

We do not know why he continues to resort to this practice, what benefits he derives from it and what his goals are.

We hereby point out that Lucian Dan IS NOT and WAS NEVER editorial staff member of any of our publications (Nine O’Clock and Sette Giorni) and that we DO NOT have any connection with this person.

Our press group NEVER issued any valid press card for this person!