AAAS, Plafar and Romaero, exempted from tendering obligation


Companies in the portfolio of the State Assets Management Authority (AAAS) – Plafar and Romaero – will be among the companies excepted from the obligation if holding public tendering procedures as they operate on a competitive market, the President of the National Authority for the Regulation and Monitoring of Public Procurement (ANRMAP), Lucian Vladescu.
The ANRMAP official also said it was rather difficult to nominate all the regies and companies qualifying for the waiver, but noted that Emergency Ordinance 34/2006 included clear criteria in that respect and those companies operating on a competitive market and not serving general interest would be excepted from the obligation.
The executive secretary of PDL, Cristina Traila announced Wednesday in a press conference that PDL will notify the European Commission about the modification operated to public acquisitions, accusing USL and the Ponta government of messing with a whole system by eliminating the rules with regard to the spending of public money and transformed “the crime into law.”