Adrian Nastase, interview from prison

In the first interview granted from prison, former PSD premier Adrian Nastase lashed out at President Traian Basescu, also at PNL leader Crin Antonescu, and regretted his absence from the solemn session of the Parliament dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the accession to NATO, an event that happened during his mandate of prime minister. Nastase criticised the role of President Traian Basescu in the political conflict existing in Romania and accused him that, from a “player president,” he turned into “a player who does not observe the rules of the Constitution.” Commenting the president’s statement that he would accept “being premier with a one-year contract, who will bring the country on tracks,” the former PSD prime minister said that the head of state “tries to prove to those who are still his adepts that he will have a political future. His announcement belongs to a poker game,” Nastase stated. As for Crin Antonescu, Nastase mentioned that he was accomplice to the tears manipulation performed by Basescu in 2004. Nastase added that he would have enjoyed being in Parliament for the NATO anniversary, but it would not be very appropriate for him to come from Jilava for this event. “I don’t like seeing some people who try to modify the past in order to justify the present,” Nastase said.

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