Alain Delon receives the TIFF Award for his entire career: “I have the most beautiful job in the world”


The French actor Alain Delon, who is 81 years old, received on Saturday evening, at  the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) Gala, the Award for his entire career, saying in front if the audience who applauded him for minutes, that his highest desire in his life was to do what he wishes to do, and acting is the most beautiful job in the world.

Delon was welcomed with a lot of applauses since he entered the Cluj National Theater.

The award was announced by Tudor Giurgiu at the end of the TIFF Gala, being presented by actress Oana Pellea, who has always been a great fan of the French actor.

“What can I say about a legend? How can I introduce a man who knew to live nicely, a class person, a stylish and elegant man, a man whom women worldwide love and adore?  Am happy and delighted that I can introduce Alain Delon” Oana Pelea said.

Alain Delon was awarded in the audience’s applauses and confessed them that he has the most beautiful job in the world, making jokes on the meaning of this award.

“All my life, I had the opportunity to do what I thought it’s best to do and to have the job I wanted. I have the most beautiful job in the world. When you grant an award for ‘the entire career’, you wait until the actor is leaving, isn’t it?” asked the actor while smiling.

After the award has been granted to him, Alain Delon received a bouquet of flowers from a little girl. The actor hugged her and said to her and to the entire audience, after he asked the girl to say what her name is: “You are the life and the future, and children are the most beautiful thing in the world”.


The movie “My Happy Family” is the great winner of TIFF. The movie “Stone on the Heart” received the Audience Award


The movie “My Happy Family” won on Saturday the Transylvania Trophy of the Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF), the movie “Stone on the Heart” receiving the Audience Award. The actor Alain Delon received an Excellence Award at the Saturday evening Gala, for his entire career, which was awarded by the actress Tora Vasilescu, while actress Violeta Andrei was also awarded for her entire career.

The Transylvania Trophy – the great TIFF Award – was granted to the movie “My Happy Family,” a Georgian – German – French co-production, directed by Simon Gross and Nana Ekvtimishvili. The movie tells the story of Manana, who, on the evening of her 52nd anniversary, takes his family by surprise announcing that she is leaving. She is married for 30 years and lives in a four-room apartment with her husband, parents, two children and her son-in-law. At first, the family does not take her seriously, but Manana packs her luggage and leaves, leaving her relatives with many questions about what will happen to her, and the reasons for her leaving. The movie also received an award for Best Director in Sofia in 2017, and at TIFF, the film also won the Best Performance Award given to the actress playing Manana, Ia Shugliashvili.

Actress Tora Vasilescu is one of the winners of this year’s TIFF Gala, receiving the Excellence Award. The surprise of the evening was announced b the TIFF Director, Tudor Giurgiu, who gave to the actress Violeta Andrei an award for the entire career.

The Audience Award was given to the movie “Stone on the heart”, directed by Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson, while the Cinepub Audience Award for the most popular Romanian movie was won by “Planeta Petrila” by Andrei Dascalescu.

The event was attended also by the Minister of Culture and National Identity, Ionut Vulpescu. He spoke about the problems caused by Government’s ordinance no.91, ensuring those who were present that he will encourage any approach related to a debate on the Cinematography Law.

“I don’t know if it has any connection to the ordinance, but a reply from the ‘Samurai’ movie came to my mind: ‘There is no greater loneliness than the loneliness of a samurai. Maybe the one of a tiger in the jungle’. I agree that a real debate must be held on how the cinematography can be improved, we need a law at the level of the 2017. But in a very large hat. I will initiate a real debate on the future of the Romanian cinematography” the Culture minister stated.