ALDE’s Cataniciu accuses President Iohannis of “seriously breaching the Constitution”


The Vice Chairman of the Liberals and Democrats Alliance (ALDE) Steluta Cataniciu accuses President Klaus Iohannis of “seriously breaching the Constitution”, after the head of state stated that the benefit of the doubt is not operating in politics, as it is operating in Justice, that integrity is what matters for a politician who goes in front of the people, namely he shouldn’t be suspected of anything. Cataniciu says that Parliament should be obliged to react to the statements made by Klaus Iohannis.

“Your statement highlights a way of thinking which is outside the democracy and the rule of law, reminding us of another statement, as dangerous as yours, made by a former technocrat Justice Minister who appreciated that Romanians’ rights are a luxury. It’s an extreme, even a surprising statement that should obligate the Romanian Parliament to have a reaction” is the message sent by Steluța Cataniciu to President Klaus Iohannis.

The ALDE Vice Chairman says that the head of state has forgotten that his main duty is to guarantee the respect of the Constitution, “because of the wish to destroy the PSD-ALDE governing coalition at all costs”.

“In the light of these obligations, I remind you of something that is not unknown to you for sure, since you premeditated it: your statement equates to the serious breach of the Romanian Constitution!” Cataniciu also says to the President in the open letter.

“The benefit of the doubt is not a fad, as you think, but it’s a fundamental right of every citizen, a right that you trampled on your feet by your statement and by your entire behavior. This is not a favor that you grant to whoever you wish, it is one of the fundamental principles of the Criminal Law, a guarantee of the rule of law (which you acclaim every day) and a fundamental value of the European legal area” the ALDE Vice Chairman also claims.

Steluta Cataniciu compares Klaus Iohannis with Traian Basescu, from whom she says he has inherited the appetite for the fight against the Romanian Parliament and against any politicians who doesn’t belong to him.

“Although you got used to divide the Romanian politicians in good politicians and bad – “criminal” politicians -, according to your belief, as he did, you wish to forget that you were a suspect and a defendant, meaning a “criminal”, during almost your entire political career, starting with the criminal file no.66/P/2001. You ended all of your three terms as the mayor of Sibiu having this capacity, and you started the fourth one without being bothered by anything. Having this capacity of defendant – “criminal”-, according to your belief, in the files no.270/P/2006 and 5/P/2007, in the autumn 2009 you accepted the proposal of the parliamentary majority formed by PSD-PNL-UDMR-PC to be nominated as the Prime-Minister of Romania. In your capacity of a person with criminal and integrity matters, you ran for the most important position in the state, and Romanian people granted you the benefit of the doubt, electing you as the President of this country”, Cataniciu also says.