Alin Petrache elected COSR President


Alin Petrache is the new president of the Romanian Olympic Sports Committee (COSR), having been elected with 143 votes during the General Assembly meeting on Thursday. He will replace Octavian Morariu who resigned on April 15.
Petrache, whose bid was backed by former COSR President Octavian Morariu, won the elections from the first round against contenders Octavian Bellu and Elisabeta Lipa, Mediafax informs. The mandate of Alin Petrache (37), the current president of the Romanian Rugby Federation (FRR), will expire in 2016, the year in which former COSR President Octavian Morariu’s term would have normally expired. Morariu decided to step down from office in order to dedicate himself to his activity within the International Olympic Committee.
Petrache is the COSR’s 16th president. He previously worked as COSR’s deputy secretary general from 2005 to 2009 and as vice president in 2013.
Born in Bucharest on October 29, 1976, Alin Petrache played rugby for Dinamo, a team with which he won four national titles and two Romanian Cups, for RC Paris, Bordeaux Begles, RC Toulon and Beziers. He had 32 caps for the national team, being the team’s captain on many occasions.
Before the elections, Petrache stated that he would give up his MP seat in case he is elected head of the COSR. According to his elections platform, which is called “Olympic Romania 2014-2024,” the Rio Olympic Games “are very important,” however they represent only a first step in the three “Olympic” steps he has calculated.
His contenders expressed disappointment with the result. Elisabeta Lipa stated for Dolce Sport: “I knew what the score was going to be beforehand. I was left with a bitter taste, because it was an ugly campaign. We were insulted, humiliated. But I have to respect the decision taken by the presidents of federations.”
In his turn, Octavian Bellu stated: “I have no reason to complain, this is what was meant to happen, after all people from the world of sports chose. I was expecting this result; the difference could have been even higher. I don’t want to say whether it was a political vote or not. However, it was pretty much known since yesterday, from the mass-media, who was going to win these elections.”