Ambassador Klemm: Constantin Brancusi – “most visible ambassador of Romania to the US”


Ambassador of the US to Romania Hans Klemm attended on Tuesday the inauguration of the American Bookshelf at the “Christian Tell” County Library in Targu-Jiu (South-West), occasion on which he donated over 250 reference works, classic and contemporary American literature for children and young people, as well as book on foreign politics, the US history and geography.

“By offering these books, we hope we will help you to further encourage citizens to read. I hope it will help readers to develop their English language knowledge and, of course, it will help them to know better the American literature, but as well as the history of this country. I offered such books donations to several libraries across the country, I believe that there are ten of them, and I consider this is one of the best things that I and the US Embassy can do, because it helps to further promote Romanians’ love for reading, for books, as well as for history, and, at the same time, because it allows us to have a straight contact with Romanian citizens,” Hans Klemm mentioned.

On Monday the Ambassador paid a visit to the works of art of Constantin Brancusi, about whom he said he was “the most visited ambassador of Romania in the US.”

“Yesterday I took a walk in the park, and the turning point of that walk was the possibility to see the works of Constantin Brancusi. Brancusi was the most visible ambassador of Romania in the US. His works become known to the US public in the beginning of the 20th century and they had an influence over the art of sculpture, especially the American one, but as well as from around world. (…) There is a very large number of his works included in collections from New York and Philadelphia. Therefore, for me it was very touching to come here in Targu-Jiu, near the place Constantin Brancusi was born and see his artwork, perhaps the most valuable work of his, namely the memorial dedicated to the heroes of the World War I,” Klemm also stated.