Ambassador Meier-Klodt says he is delighted that Germany was in 2017 among top favourite travel destinations


Germany’s ambassador in Bucharest Cord Meier-Klodt said on Wednesday he is delighted by the fact that Germany remained among the preferred travel destinations of European tourists last year as well.

About Romania, representatives of the German Tourism Organisation (DTZ) told a news conference that the number of Romanian tourists overnighting in Germany in 2017 exceeded for the first time one million – 1,046,606 – increasing by 18.6 percent from 2016.

According to a presentation delivered by director of the DZT regional promotion office Cristian Sallai, the Romanian tourists prefer long trips, with 41 percent of them having stayed in Germany for three to four nights, on a daily average budget of 45 euro and 560 euro per trip.

Romanians’ favourite seasons are summer and winter, and 53 percent of trips are booked online. In general, Romanians prefer to travel by car (45 percent) and by plane (34 percent), with the number of those choosing to go by bus or coach gettingdown (17 percent), while the percentage of those who choose the train is only 7 percent.

Romanian tourists choose to go to Germany especially for holidays (83.8 percent), on business (33 percent) and other purposes (33 percent).

Meier-Klodt said that he is delighted that Germany remained among the preferred travel destinations of tourists in 2017 again, being the most popular destination in Europe for the eighth time in a row.

According to the ambassador, Germany is a most thought after destination by tourists for many things, including a very wide variety of sceneries – landscapes, mountains, forests – as well as very beautiful cities.

Sallai said that Germany continued on a trend of growing incoming tourism, for the 8th consecutive year, ranking second in the preferences of Europeans, after Spain and before France.

According to the presentation, seven percent of foreign tourists choose to visit Germany because of the variety and quality of food and beverages.

DTZ official Tijana Djuricic showed that tourists in German cities can experience a lot, from traditional households in markets and fairs up to the top gastronomy offered by over 300 restaurants that hold between one and three stars in the Michelin rating.