ANAF posts 6.5 pc extra incomes in January

Premier Victor Ponta announced that the incomes obtained by ANAF in January exceed by 6.5 pc the planned sum and by 13.2 pc the revenues of January last year. “One of the three measures which we must implemented as of April 1st, the state support programme for covering half the salary costs of those who create over 20 jobs, I believe it is something important and good, and also, in the talks with international partners, until the visit scheduled for April, we must define the methodology and implications of enforcing the tax exemption for reinvested profit, things can be done. Finally we have good news from ANAF, minister, I understand that you had incomes that exceed by 6.5 pc the income plan and by 13.2 pc the figure of January 2013,” the premier said in the cabinet meeting.

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