Andrei Chiliman joins PDL

District 1 Bucharest mayor Andrei Chiliman joined PDL and he will be vice-chairman, democratic-liberal sources told Mediafax. According to the quoted sources, PDL will sign a protocol with the Romanian Liberal Initiative on Monday after the session of the national standing committee of the party.

PNL standing committee decided on May 27, 2013 to remove mayor of sector 1 Bucharest Andrei Chiliman from the party, after the mayor was active for 24 years in PNL, the reason for the punishment being that he “committed severe breaches of the party discipline.” The proposal to remove mayor Andrei Chiliman and deputy Diana Tusa made by the national standing committee of PNL was approved with 139 votes in favour and 8 against. The removal of Andrei Chiliman from PNL came after a year of open conflict between him and Crin Antonescu. Andrei Chiliman, Vlad Moisescu and Diana Tusa launched in April 2013 the Romanian Liberal Initiative in April 2013.

In September 2013, the Civic Force and PNT-CD signed a protocol with the Romanian Liberal Initiative to include it in the Alliance for Truth and Justice, as the leaders of this formation said they will have a unique candidate for presidential elections and common candidates for the MEP elections. However, after the disastrous result at the MEP elections this year, the Romanian Liberal Initiative split from PNT-CD. The cooperation between the Civic Force and PNT-CD had stopped earlier.

PDL chairman Vasile Blaga said yesterday that Andrei Chiliman “is a well-known man of the right-wing who had many initiatives in this political side,” and appreciated the registration of the mayor of Bucharest District 1 as “more than welcome.” Blaga was inquired prior to the session of the national standing committee of PDL whether the registration of Chiliman in PDL as long as he was removed from PNL seems proper to him, and as long as the democratic-liberals are negotiating with the liberals. “We have concluded the negotiations and you will see all the answers to your questions after the meeting of the national standing committee. Andrei Chiliman is a well-known right-wing man who had many initiatives in this political side. We consider his registration more than welcome,” said Vasile Blaga.

Vasile Blaga added, regarding the information that Andrei Chiliman allegedly would get the position of prime vice-chairman of PDL, that these things will be discussed in the meeting of PDL national standing bureau and that strengthening the right-wing must have “concrete results.”

“We will discuss all these things during the meeting of the standing committee but I believe that any action to strengthen the right-wing must have concrete results, we should get over the stories stage, like PDL does,” added Vasile Blaga.



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