Angela Gheorghiu Christmas show at Sala Radio on Monday

Soprano Angela Gheorghiu will be performing as part of the ‘O, ce veste minunata!’ show on December 23, 7.00 p.m., at Sala Radio, accompanied by the National Radio Orchestra, according to a press release by Agerpres.
The event will also offer audiences an opportunity to listen to two critically acclaimed Romanian choirs: the Madrigal National Chamber Choir (conductor Voicu Popescu) and Accoustic Choir (conductor Daniel Jinga). The concert is organized by the Third District City Hall and Casa Artelor Cultural Center, in partnership with Radio Romania and Anghela Gheorghiu Foundation.
Romanian spectators will be able to enjoy this beautiful holiday concert on Christmas Eve via an online and on-air transmission by Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Romania Muzical starting at 7.00 p.m., as well as on TV channel Antena 3, also on December 24 at 11.00 p.m.
The performance is a natural consequence of the success reported by the recent launch of ‘O, ce veste minunata!’ album, recorded by soprano Angela Gheorghiu together with the National Radio Orchestra directed by Tiberiu Soare. The Gramophone, one of the world’s major classical music magazines, has praised this album which includes many beloved traditional Romanian Christmas carols, and has described the National Radio Orchestra’s performance alongside the heartwarming and unrivalled Angela Gheorghiu as splendid.
Carols and international Christmas songs such as ‘Domnulet si Domn din cer’ (Tiny Sir and Lord Above), ‘Noi umblam si colindam’ (We’re Going Carolling), ‘Steaua sus rasare’ (The Star Rises), ‘O, ce veste minunata’ (Oh, What Wonderful News), ‘Trei crai de la Rasarit’ (The Three Wise Men), or ‘Cantique de Noel’ will be part of this Christmas Eve show.
To complete the show, audiences will take an imaginary trip into the magic land of The Nutcracker. On the notes of the most beloved and endearing ballet of all time, signed by P. I. Tchaikovsky, spectators will witness as the Nutcracker turns into a prince and tiny Clara goes to The Land of Sweets in the second part of the second act – ‘Spanish Dance,’ ‘Arabian Dance,’ ‘Chinese Dance,’ ’Waltz of the Flowers,’ and so on – the most famous and cherished part of the ballet.
The Christmas Concert at Sala Radio that will be broadcast on the occasion of the winter holidays is the festive close to a series of extraordinary events provided by the Radio Romania Orchestras and Choirs. These include a concert with renowned tenor Jose Carreras, ‘The Three Divas’ Galla, ‘Christmas Fantasy’ by the Children’s Radio Choir, and finally Paula Seling’s concert with the Radio Big Band.

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