Anghel Iordanescu, appointed FRF’s technical director

Former national team coach Anghel Iordanescu has been appointed the Romanian Football Federation’s (FRF) technical director during a meeting of the Executive Committee on Monday, FRF President Mircea Sandu stated at a press conference.
“In the future he will be the person that will propose the nomination of all coaches at the level of national teams, alongside the President that will come before the Executive Committee, and I hope Romanian football will enter a new upward trend once the strategy is approved,” Sandu stated.
Anghel Iordanescu has eight months at his disposal to come up with a new strategy for Romanian football. “Mr. Iordanescu will have six to eight months at his disposal to conceive this strategy,” Sandu explained.
Regarding Coach Victor Piturca, the FRF head said Piturca has wrongly drawn the lineup for the match against Greece in Athens, but otherwise he is satisfied with Piturca’s activity. Sandu stressed there are several players of certain value and the qualification for the 2016 European Cup final tournament is possible. Coach Victor Piturca has sent his activity report to the FRF Executive Bureau, but he hasn’t been present to the meeting yesterday, as his contract with FRF notes the coach talks only directly with Mircea Sandu.

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