ANM issues code orange of snow in highlands, code yellow of wind, thermal discomfort all over Romania


The National Weather Administration (ANM)  on Saturday issued a code orange of snow advisory for the highlands and a code yellow advisory of strong winds and thermal discomfort all over Romania.

The advisories are valid throughout Monday, October 30, at 23:00hrs.

Temperatures should drop throughout the country, while wind intensification will increase the feeling of cold.

In the western, central and northern parts of the country, there will be moderate rainfall over large areas, while starting on Monday night, mixed precipitation should be expected in the provinces of Maramures and Transylvania and the hilly areas of ??the Crisana and Moldavia provinces.

In the highlands, the wind will blow in gusts that would exceed 90 km/h. There would also be snow blizzards, with visibility falling temporarily to below 50 m and a consistent layer of snow piling up.