Anniversary screening in Berlin: “Forest of the Hanged” by Liviu Ciulei


The film “Forest of the Hanged” by Liviu Ciulei will be screened on Sunday, July 27 at Zeughauskino, the Berlin vintage film cinema, during a program devoted to the commemoration of 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War, initiated by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin. To commemorate the centennial of this historic event, ICR Berlin organizes several events, such as exhibitions, screenings of documentary films, discussions and historic debates. The movie “The Forest of the Hanged,” after the homonymous novel by Liviu Rebreanu, the first psychological novel in the Romanian literature, is believed to be the pinnacle of Romanian cinematography. In 1965, the movie was selected to the International Film Festival at Cannes, where director Liviu Ciulei was awarded the Best director award. The movie cast includes many major actors of the period, such as Victor Rebengiuc, Anna Szeles, Stefan Ciubotarasu, Gyorgy Kovacs, Gina Patrichi, Costache Antoniu, Magda Barbu, Emil Botta, Toma Caragiu, Ion Caramitru, Gheorghe Cozorici, Mihai Mereuta, Mariana Mihut and Silvia Popovici.