Antonescu, accused of not sending the Constitution revision draft to the Venice Commission

Alin Tise, Vice-Chairman of PDL, called on Crin Antonescu in a press conference yesterday to send the Constitution revision draft to the Venice Commission. “We have a second liar in this country – Antonescu, who has taken the lead from the first one, Victor Ponta. He claims the current version of the Constitution revision draft was drawn up based on the objections raised by the Venice Commission and the Legislative Council. It is all a big lie. The Venice Commission has made it clear that it takes no official stance on the Constitution revision draft because it never got the document” Tise explained, as cited by Mediafax. The Senator warned that if the Senate chairman does not send the Constitution revision draft, PDL would, as soon as it has access to it. On the other hand, the draft law revising the Constitution was registered with CCR on February 7 and the Court must state its opinion, by February 17, on the amendment to the fundamental law being in line with the constitutional provisions.

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