Antonescu: We don’t want an alliance with anyone

PNL President Crin Antonescu stated on Saturday at the Territorial Conference of PNL Iasi that the Liberals will not form an alliance with anyone for the time being but will support the right wing’s candidate in the presidential runoff, whoever he might be, without negotiations or “bargaining.”
“We have just come out of an alliance. There is a circuit of alliances, groupings, that has run its course. It’s also important to see what we can do as parties,” Antonescu said, being quoted by Mediafax. He pointed out that if the issue of a no-confidence vote to be filed by the opposition in Parliament is raised then that no-confidence vote can be supported by all right-wing parties.
On the other hand, the PNL President claims that until the EP elections of May 25 the Liberals will be subjected to diversions, smearing campaigns, “pressures on mayors, threats and all kinds of promises.” “We’ve been through this before (…).We have 13 county council chairmen, 900 mayors, 11 city mayors, almost 150 MPs, and moreover we are not alone in the opposition,” Antonescu said. “We are in the opposition and we are acting as such. Those who want to stay in office by hanging on to PSD, like Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Stroe, should do so. We are waging the European Parliament elections battle in order to prove we are the strongest opposition party.” The PNL President’s reaction comes after former Interior Minister Radu Stroe stated that irrespective of whether PNL will win 20 percent in the EP elections or not the Liberals should consider restoring the USL alliance and returning to power on the basis of “the terms of the USL protocol.” “It’s an obligation for all Liberals,” Stroe stated on Antena 3. His opinion also seems to be shared by PNL Secretary General Eduard Hellvig who stated that it is difficult to discuss a restoration of USL at this time but “never say never.”
Despite Antonescu’s statements according to which the Liberals will be subjected to attacks and pressures before the EP elections, Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea claims that he has agreed with his party colleagues that PSD will not focus on attacks against PNL in the campaign for the EP elections, even though the PNL President attacked PSD and will continue to do so.
PSD harshly criticized
PNL President Crin Antonescu told the party members from Sibiu, Brasov, Mures, Alba, Covasna and Harghita counties who attended the launch of the candidates for the EP elections in the Center Region that he feels “good, confident” and that he is “optimistic.” “I have no reason not to be happy. I know very well where I am going, what the steps are and who I am taking them with. Some do not even have a presidential candidate, while I already have a Prime Minister too,” Antonescu said. He added: “In order to avoid any ambiguity: when I say Premier I am talking about Klaus Johannis.”
Subsequently, in the speech he gave before 500 PNL members from Buzau County, the PNL President used extremely harsh terms when criticizing PSD, stating that the Social-Democrats “did not learn anything from the history of their own party” and adding that if it were not for PNL’s support then PSD would never have come to power. “I made Ponta a Prime Minister from being almost nothing.” In the same context, Antonescu criticized Traian Basescu too, stating that “he forgot that PNL made him President.” On the other hand, Crin Antonescu stated that the Liberals will oppose in Parliament the draft law initiated by the Social-Democrats and according to which the head of the Army’s General Intelligence Directorate (DGIA) will be appointed directly by the Prime Minister.

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