Appeal on Ponta’s plagiarism file on March 17

The Supreme Court set to rule on March 17 about the appeal on the plagiarism file of Victor Ponta, launched after the prosecutors ruled the case to be closed and no further investigations to be performed. At yesterday’s deadline of the file of the appeal, the prosecutor requested that it be rejected, on grounds on inadmissibility. Victor Ponta’s lawyer showed that the accusations cannot be proved right, adding that there is coincidence of some normative documents present in the PM’s work, but also in other works.

On the same occasion, those who made the appeal expressed their point of view. Thus, Mihail Neamtu said that the moment they will prove that Victor Ponta’s doctorate work will be proved to be plagiarized, they will request that it will no longer be available for trade.

Neamtu added after the rule yesterday that he intends to sue the Romanian Copyright Office. “I intend to sue RCO which is the institution providing expertise on this plagiarism case and which are under direct subordination of the Government. There are no way Victor Viorel Ponta’s plagiarism case ends here,” said Neamtu. Adrian Papahagi, present at the Supreme Court, said that from an intellectual point of view, there is all the evidence backing up the fact that Ponta’s work is plagiarized. “I myself documented other 65 pages, plagiarized after William Bourdon’s work. So this is a flagrant plagiarism from the beginning to end,” said Papahagi.

The solution of dropping charges for PM Victor Ponta in the plagiarism case was appealed by Adrian Razvan Papahagi, George Mihail Neamtu and Augustin Minel Ofiteru at the Supreme Court, that being the last way to attack the prosecutors’ resolution. In early July 2013, a prosecutor higher in position than the one who was dealing with the case rejected a similar appeal, and the accusers against the PM attacked the rule, filing an appeal registered at the High Court of Cassation and Justice.



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