Argentinian Film Days kick off at the Cervantes Institute of Bucharest


The Embassy of Argentina in Romania and the Cervantes Institute of Bucharest organize the Argentinian Film Days at the Cervantes Institute (38 Regina Elisabeta Blvd.), on April 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2018. The six movies (drama, thriller, comedy, animation) chosen by  Argentina’s Embassy for this occasion are signed by well-known directors such as Fabián Bielinsky, Damián Szifrón and Juan José Campanella (who is present this time with a animation movie, Metegol, winner of the Goya Award for the Best Animation Feature in 2013).

Access is free, the number of seats is limited. Seats can be booked by sending a message to the e-mail address




On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at 19.00Relatos Salvajes (Weird Stories), directed by Damián Szifrón, Argentina, 2015, 112 minutes, the Spanish original version, subtitles in Romanian, black comedy, drama, built on episodes, the Goya Award for the Best Spanish-American Feature

The film is screened by the courtesy of Transilvania Film Romania.

Synopsis: Without any protection towards a reality which can suddenly become unpredictable, the characters of the Relatos Salvajes cross the thin border between civilization and brutality. A story about love, disappointment, revenges of the past, tragedy and even violence in the details of the day-to-day life. All these occur to push the characters on the edge of the abyss, to the incontestable pleasure of losing control.


On Thursday, April 12, 2018, at 19:00El hombre de al lado, directed by Mariano Cohn, Argentina, 2010, 100 minutes, Spanish original version, subtitles in English, black comedy, the Award for the Best Picture at Sundance 2010, nominated at Goya 2010

Synopsis: The movie illustrates the never-ending conflict between two neighbors. A simple wall can separate two worlds, to different tastes in terms of clothing, food, living, just like that. On the one hand, we have Leonardo (Rafael Spregelburd), a distinguished and famous designer living in a home made by Le Corbusier. On the other hand, there is Víctor (Daniel Aráoz), a second-hand car seller who is vulgar, rustic and dominator. Víctor decides himself to make a window to have more light, and that’s where problems arise: each one of them begins to become aware of the other one’s existence.


On Friday, April 13, 2018, at 19:00Nueve Reinas, directed by Fabian Bielinski, Argentina, 2000, 115 minutes, the Spanish original version, subtitles in Romania, drama, thriller, cult movie, nominated at British Independent Film Awards at the Foreign Movie category, 2001

Synopsis: A versed swindler and a novice one are planning a big scam against some enthusiastic stamp hobbyists. Nueve Reinas is telling the adventures of Juan (Gaston Pauls) and Marcos (Ricardo Darin), two swindlers who make a team after they accidentally met each other in a cake shop. Juan succeeds to make a trick by changing a banknote, and he tries to make it again in the same store, but with a different cashier, but this time he fails. Marcos watches him amused, then he steps in pretending to be a cop who wants to take Juan to the police station. Once on the street, Marcos presents himself as a guild colleague who plans a scam with a much bigger stake and invites the skeptical Juan to join him. The movie seems to tell that the biggest trickery may consists also in an innocent guise, that the high-class scams don’t need just a perfect plan, but also a group actor talent, which would make any theater ensemble to blush by envy.

The inventive and clever movie directed by Fabian Belinski seduces spectators to such an extent that they become a pawn in their ambitious plan, enjoying to be an accomplice in a shameless machination. The movie combines the Hitchcock parody vision of a paranoid universe where everybody can be involved or not in a sophisticated conspiracy, with the David Mamet’s obsession for the finesse of the highly elaborated frauds.


On Saturday, April 14, at 11:00Metegol, directed by Juan José Campanella, Argentina, 2013, 106 minutes, the Spanish original version, subtitles in English, and animation movie, genre: adventure, family, the Goya Award 2013 for the Best Animation Feature

Synopsis: Amadeo is a big football fan. The football game in the coffee shop from the small town where he lives has become his favorite activity and his specialty, too. Amadeo is simply invincible. Grosso, a brute who likes to humiliate others, challenges Amadeo         for a game. Amadeo defeats him and makes him angry. Seven years later, Grosso, who became a legend in football, returns to his hometown and challenges Amadeo to try to defeat him on a real football pitch. Contrary to the expectations, the football players come to life and offer themselves to help Amadeo defeat Grosso.


On Saturday, April 14, at 17:00Me casé con un boludo, directed by Juan Taratuto, Argentina, 2016, 110 minutes, the Spanish original version, subtitles in English, comedy, the Málaga Festival, participation outside the contest

Synopsis: Fabián Brando and Florencia Córmik are actors. He is the most known actor in the country, while she is totally unknown. During the filming, a love story arises between them and they marry each other without going through engagement. But during the honeymoon Florencia realizes that the guy is a great idiot. When Fabián finds out what she thinks about him, he makes a plan which he can complete only with the help of the scriptwriter of his most successful movies.


On Saturday, April 14, at 19.00 – Mamá se fue de viaje, directed by Ariel Winograd, Argentina, 2017, 90 minutes, the Spanish original version, subtitles in English, comedy, the Sur Award for the Best Feminine Debut

Synopsis: Víctor and Vera Garbor are married for twenty years and they have four children: Bruno, Lara, Tato and Luna. Absorbed by his work, Víctor lives away from the day-to-day life of his wife and children. Vera, overwhelmed by her home life, decides to take a small holiday from her own family. That’s where problems arise.