ARIFA at Jazzaj, ARCUB

This April, Arifa will be returning to Bucharest to host a series of recitals under the heading ‘Secret Poetry’ at Jazzaj, a musical event taking place at ARCUB. Following the well-deserved success of their 2013 record, ‘Anatolian Alchemy,’ the band will enchant audiences on April 5 with new tracks such as ‘Secret Poetry,’ ‘Nine Lives,’ and ‘Jade Garden,’ in addition to the classics ‘La Lune,’ ‘Anatolian Alchemy,’ and ‘Dacian Tale.’ One of the distinguishing elements of this Arifa performance at ARCUB will be the compositions of Dimitrie Cantemir, interpreted by the band’s members.
Founded in 2010, Arifa – consisting of Alex Simu (clarinet tenor and laptop, Romania), Michalis Cholevas (tarhu and ney, Greece), Franz von Chossy (piano, Germany) and Sjahin During (African Anatolian percussion, Turkey / the Netherlands) – combines ancient Middle Eastern and Balkan musical traditions with contemporary jazz and improvisation. Rhythm and sound are beautifully and sophisticatedly intertwined in their songs, and their skilled arrangements, varied composition, and love for the unconventional have won the hearts of music fans. Arifa uses older instruments like the oud (Ukrainian kobza), or African and oriental percussion instruments in an original way and this contemporary spirit is embedded in their compositions through piano, clarinet, or saxophone sections.
Arifa’s ‘Secret Poetry’ concert will be played at ARCUB Hall at 8.00 p.m. The event completes the string of performances held throughout March, when renowned jazz artists like Maria Raducanu and guitarist Krister Jonsson or Vali Racila and Balkanamera Jazz Quartet took part in Jazzaj at the same ARCUB.
The members of Arifa, hailing from Romania, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands, came together four years ago in Amsterdam and brought their own “native” musical contribution. The current band line-up is: Mehmet Polat (Turkey), Franz von Chossy (Germany), Sjahin During (the Netherlands), and Alex Simu.

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