ASF President under criminal investigation for complicity to abuse of office

“We’ll see (…) whether the ASF ‘incompetents’’ action regarding Astra was unjustified or if Mr. President Basescu simply concluded the action was unjustified in order to protect his friend, Mr. Dan Adamescu,” said Rusanu.

Dan Radu Rusanu, President of the Insurance Supervisory Commission (ASF), is under criminal investigation on charges of constituting an organized criminal group and complicity to abuse of office, under suspicion of drafting and approving the Emergency Government Ordinance on ASF and agreeing to “the fraudulent protection” of SC Carpatica’s interests, according to a press release issued by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). The ordinance drafted by prosecutors in order to extend the scope of the criminal investigation contains data and reasonable evidence that in December 2013, Rusanu “pressured” multiple insurance companies as President of ASF into appointing Radu Mustatea head of the Car Insurers’ Bureau of Romania (BAAR) – an attempt he was successful in – a professional association consisting of all Romanian insurance companies authorized to offer mandatory civil car insurance policies and mandated to issue Green Card civil car insurance documents.
DNA prosecutors read Dan Radu Rusanu his charges on Friday and informed him of his status in the lawsuit, pursuant to provisions under Art.307 under the Criminal Procedure Code. Upon leaving DNA headquarters, Rusanu said he believes the reason why he was called in by the prosecutors was connected to Astra rather than the ASF ordinance, and mentioned he would receive an answer regarding the criminal proceedings against him the following Tuesday (editor’s note – tomorrow). The ASF president claims the Emergency Government Ordinance by which the number of Board members was changed from 11 to 9, in full accordance with the legal criteria of experience, seniority in the field, and particularly the incompatibility with MPs, was requested by the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
ASF: Wage levels should not come as a surprise to anyone
ASF is involved in yet another scandal about the exorbitant wages of the Commission’s management. In a press release, ASF representatives claim management wages should not come as a surprise to the President, Prime Minister, or MPs, since this information is part of the “public pressure” exercised by people who would have rather ASF did not find irregularities on the insurance market.
According to Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the Ordinance which limited ASF management wages to the wages in the National Bank of Romania (BNR) was obviously eluded and the Government did not take into account it needs to draft the document in such a manner as to make it clear this level also includes premiums. Ponta mentioned he has already discussed the matter with the chairman of the Senate’s Budget and Finance Commission who will ask the Commission to discuss about ASF.
President of ASIROM: Confidence in the insurance sector will bounce back
“The level of confidence in the insurance sector will bounce back, even though we are experiencing a small storm at the moment. Confidence is essential both in the insurance and banking sector,” Mariana Diaconescu, president of ASIROM, stated Friday in Sinaia. She referred to the damage caused to the insurance sector image by the Astra and Carpatica Asig scandals, while pointing out the importance of consumers’ financial education. “If an insurance product is too cheap, something is probably wrong,” Diaconescu added.

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