ATE Bank Romania put on sale by Piraeus Bank


Piraeus Bank Greece purchased 93.27 pc of ATE Bank Romania, according to data posted on the bank’s website quoted by Bank sources announced that Piraeus Bank will sell its stake in ATE Bank Romania.According to market rumours that appeared last autumn, after ATE Bank Romania is taken over by Piraeus Bank, it will be partially bought by a group of Romanian investors that will capitalise it, initially to EUR 60 M, then more investors would be attracted in 2013, including the financial investment companies (SIF), and the capital would reach EUR 200 M. The name of Marinel Burduja former vice-president of Raiffeisen Bank, was rumoured as head of the bank, and the group of investors interested by ATE Bank Romania allegedly included Gabriel Popoviciu, Gruia Stoica or Dorel Umbrarescu.