Auschwitz survivor, home after 7 decades

Eva Mozes Kor (R), a survivor of the experiments made on twins by German doctor Mengele, returned to her birth village of Port, seven decades after she was deported with her whole family to Auschwitz. Lucia Craciun (L) is a friend from the childhood of Eva Mozes Kor. On the occasion of her return, German artist Gunter Demnig placed in front of the plot where the Mozes home was located the six Stolpersteine plates (meaning in German ‘the stumbling stone’ that commemorate each member of the Mozes family: Alexander Mozes – father, Jaffa Mozes – mother, Edit Mozes – sister, Aliz Mozes – sister, Miriam Mozes – twin sister and Eva Mozes Kor, as part of a project aimed at commemorating the victims of the Holocaust.

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