The professionals

I have been watching for years how our social identity invariably always bears an “-ist” suffix. Similarly, I have been watching for years how election campaigns and political discourses are...

tiberiu useriu


”Unde există putere, există rezistenţă.” (Michael Foucault)   Zilele trecute, un român, pe numele lui Tiberiu Uşeriu, a câştigat pentru a doua oară unul dintre cele mai dure şi...

tiberiu useriu


A Romanian called Tiberiu Useriu recently won one of the toughest and most difficult marathons in the world – the 6633 Arctic Ultra – for the second time. The infernal race covered 566...


The pillars of democracy

I’m living in Romania and this takes up all my time, as someone once put it. In fact, more accurately said is we are living in Romania and this no longer leaves room for anything else. And we are...

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