Automotive market up about 31 pct over January-July 2014


New car and commercial vehicle sales on the Romanian market amounted to 57,019 units over January-July 2014, up 30.9 percent when compared to the similar period of 2013, with an increase of 32.7 percent as regards cars, according to data published on Monday by the Association of Automotive Manufacturers and Importers (APIA).

Registrations of used cars fell by about 7 percent (9,300 units) compared to the same period of 2013, but their volume (119,200 units in 2014) remains high (threefold) compared to that of new cars. In 2013, the ratio was 4.3 used cars to one new vehicle.

With a total volume of 9,982 units in July, the automotive market declined 5 percent compared to June. The best-selling brands in the first 7 months of 2014 were Dacia (34.1 percent), followed by Volkswagen (9.9 percent), Skoda (9.1 percent), Ford (6.9 percent), Renault (6.6 percent) and Opel (4.5 percent).

‘Based on the data recorded in July 2014, we report a number of 13 straight months of growth compared to the similar months of 2013, showing at first glance a consolidated positive evolution recorded recently, noticed at European level included. Nevertheless, it should be considered the fact that these volumes also include (…) units that are part of the intra-community trade. In this context, the data released by INS and those regarding the official registrations in Romania show a less optimistic situation of the market, because the turnover in the motor vehicle trade grew by only 4.7 percent after the first six months, while the number of new cars registered in Romania (after seven months) is about 17 percent lower than the relevant sales,’ APIA informs.

National motor vehicle production totaled 246,227 units over the first seven months of 2014, down 8.8 percent compared the same period of 2013, of which 85 percent produced by Dacia and 14.8 percent by Ford.

Exports in July amounted to 34,327 cars, and 227,867 units over January-July 2014, up 1.1 percent compared to January-July 2013.