Avrig, on foreign investors’ map


Talks about a Toshiba investment in the town are well underway.

Toshiba might invest in the town of Avrig, Sibiu County, mayor Arnold G Klingeis announced Saturday, during a press conference hosted by the Brukenthal Palace on the occasion of the event ‘Baroque autumn in Avrig’ – the first of its kind in Romania, which aims at boosting the economic relations with foreign countries. “In the coming weeks, we will have a concrete talk with this regard and we will effectively implement the smart community plan in the spring of 2013. Toshiba is looking for a town where it will implement the Toshiba technology, and Avrig entered among the 5 towns from the entire world chosen by the company,” the mayor said.The official also mentioned the other very important investors, like Bosch, which already received the approval of the Ministry of Environment for an investment in photovoltaic energy, worth over EUR 30 M, on 40 hectares of land. “Soon we will have the formal inauguration of this platform,” the Avrig mayor added. Another important name is British company Eco2 that it has realized a start-up project only for Romania, called TresOil Biofuel, a project which uses biomass as fuel in its power plants – a less popular segment of green energy, Klingeis believes. “I consider as totally wrong to issue 6 certificates for photovoltaic energy, which brings no extra job, and the price of energy is higher. The subsidising framework is erroneous,” Klingeis explained for Nine O’Clock.The event was also attended by 9 guests from China, representing various companies dealing in agriculture and renewable energies. A photovoltaic field is already under development by ZTE Energy, covering 40 hectares of land, with an electricity output of 18 MW.In other words, future sounds optimistic enough for the town’s inhabitants, given that within just 2, 3 years, 10,000 jobs were lost when the Marsa factory became insolvent. Marsa is now being courted by a Beijing company, and if it buys the entire factory the land will be sold at an attractive price, the mayor concluded. He wants Avrig to become the first energy independent town of Romania by year 2030, and the investments needed by this programme amount to EUR 50 M.