Baconschi: I was asked EUR 100,000 to be PMP’s candidate on MEP list


In a Facebook post, former Foreign Affairs Minister Teodor Baconschi claims EUR 100,000 was asked of him in exchange for a third eligible spot on the People’s Movement Party (PMP) candidate list for the European Parliamentary elections.
“This summary does not go into thousands of details – internal attacks, injustices, abuses, humiliations. Neither does it touch on the tensions within PMP after the first internal ballot placed Florin Popescu at the top of the list or the EUR 100,000 that was asked of me through reproaches and insults in exchange for being ‘tolerated’ as the number three candidate (believed to be eligible); obviously, I had no way of ‘coming up’ with that amount…”, Baconschi says, as cited by Asked who made the request, Baconschi replied: “The money was requested for campaign financing purposes. Through legal sponsorships. No one said someone should bring it in a bag.” On the other hand, PMP chairman Elena Udrea says yesterday on her account on Facebook that Baconschi’s place on the MEP election list was not money-related, adding that he had been voted by the PMP members to be 5th and she was the one who supported the former minister to advance to third. PMP presidential candidate Cristian Diaconescu jumps to Udrea’s defense. He stated yesterday that he respects the intellectuals who resigned from the party (Teodor Baconschi and Adrian Papahagi) even if they have failed to understand how political parties do work, and expressed his confusion at the idea of “targeting a woman who has the courage to fight.” “The target is elsewhere, and I say this to both higher and lesser education graduates. I cannot say what the result of victory in a battle against Elena Udrea could be, but I do know what the result of defeat at the hands of clans that have taken over Romania will be,” Diaconescu replied, when asked to comment on the departure of various intellectuals from PMP and their critiques against Elena Udrea.