Bad weather blocks Parliament’s activity

The blizzard and snow also affected the proceedings of the Parliament, with several committees being compelled to postpone their sessions yesterday because senators and deputies could not reach Bucharest. The meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on the revision of the Constitution, initially scheduled for yesterday, has been postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Committee vice-president, Social Democrat Ioan Chelaru, told Agerpres that the meeting of the Joint Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate tasked with bringing the draft act in line with the observations of the Venice Commission, the Legislative Council and the professional associations, will be called for February 3.
The Committee’s first intention had been to finalize works by January 31, and next have the Bill on the revision of the Fundamental Law translated into English and submitted to the Venice Commission for an official point of view. The bill will be also referred to the Constitutional Court for the latter to express an opinion thereon, and will further enter the approval circuit. The leaders of the governing Social-Liberal Union decided to hold a referendum on the revision of the Constitution simultaneously with European elections, although Prime Minister Victor Ponta had initially proposed that the bill stays up for public debate for six to seven months and is subjected to Parliament debates in the lawmaking body’s second session this year.
Even the hearings scheduled for this week by the Parliamentary Committee that probes the Calarasi lands were suspended and will resume around February 3 as well. The schedule of the probing committee included yesterday an analysis of the documents it received so far. Tuesday, at 10.00 AM, the Committee had invited for hearings the presidential aide Adrian Radulescu, followed at 11.00 AM by officials of the company SC Berfige SRL. Wednesday, at 10.00 AM, was scheduled the hearing of officials of SC Amigo SRL and SC Royal, companies that are the major tenants of the lands situated in the Nana commune, Calarasi County.
After many delays, the debates to the new Road Code by the Law, and Public Administration committees of the Senate were once again pushed back a week, because of weather conditions and of the recent changes operated at the top of the Ministry of Interior (the resignations of Interior minister Stroe and the chief of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the dismissing of state secretary Chiper following the air crash that occurred recently in the Apuseni Mountains). The delay request was made by the Ministry of Interior. The draft Road Code proposed by the government has a deadline for tacit adoption by the Senate four days after the Upper House will resume its proceedings.

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