Basescu: ‘The most conclusive proof of the corruption of PM Ponta, the founding of ASF’

The President claims that “the day is not far” when he could file a criminal complaint against the premier, adding that he already asked a group of legal experts to see if the head of the government can answer in court.

President Traian Basescu once again lashed out at USL, specifically at the two leaders of the Union – Crin Antonescu and Victor Ponta – saying of the latter that the most conclusive proof of the premier’s corruption is the founding of ASF (the Financial Supervisory Authority), which regroups “the whole clientele of PSD and PNL.”
“The wife of Chitoiu, the advisor of the prime minister, the husband of the daring fighter for justice, Olguta Vasilescu (…) the client Ursache with some EUR 47,000 in about two months, to say nothing of client Radu Rusanu,” Basescu said yesterday, quoted by Mediafax, on B1TV. The president added that the influence peddling “is an element of obvious corruption” and gave the example of the land transfer from the ‘Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti’ Agricultural Academy to the president of the County Council (CJ), Bunea Stancu, whom he accused of using his influence to receive 2,800 hectares of land, Basescu also gave the example of the memorandum signed with Rompetrol, by which it has been renounced at the sum of USD 380 M.
Another example is, according to the head of state, the privatisation attempt of CFR Marfa. “Gruia Stoica, remember what pressure he put on me to validate his auction and designate the winner in the CSAT, when he did not have this rights. And now look at the prime minister taking the direct control on Transgaz and Transelectrica, because some shares will be sold. It is without precedent, no other prime minister took companies under his direct control,” Basescu explained. The government passed last week, through emergency ordinance, Transelectrica and Transgaz from the Ministry of Finance to the General Secretariat of the Government (SGG).
Asked if he considers filing a criminal complaint against the premier, Basescu answered: “The day is not far. It is very likely, not only for corruption, also for misuse of authority. (…) decisions of the government, personal decisions, lies.” The president said that he already asked a group of legal experts to see “if such a premier can answer in court.” Asked if he has sure information about this, he answered that he does not have information from the Services.
PM Victor Ponta replied to  President Basescu’s that the Head of State says some nonsense even a man with barely three classes should not utter, but fortunately nobody takes him seriously. “Let him submit 700 complaints in court and be happy about it,” concluded the prime minister.
Government, under fire
Nor did the government escape the president’s criticism, as he claimed that the Executive operates with measures that already infringe the Constitution, as three ministers have resigned and the premier that “owns” the Official Gazette does not publish their revocation. He believes that the government works like doctorates, through plagiarism, fakes, through whatever you want. I think the prime minister makes a big mistake by not allowing institutions to function. Practically, from the resignation until the problem is solved, there must be some interim ministers, from among the members of the cabinet,” Basescu said. Moreover, the president said that Ponta and  Antonescu are “immature politicians, toxic for the democracy of Romania”.
Florin Georgescu, one of the artisans of the ElectoRata
In a different move, Basescu claimed that Florin Georgescu¸ first vice-governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) was one of the artisans of the ElectoRata, adding that he does not want the Central Bank being in the situation to take orders from the government: “This can happen once, but I would not want to happen the second time and the third, to have the premier calling the first vice-governor from the Victoria Palace to say: <<Today inject some RON in the market, because I need inflation, to draw my balancesheet, and tomorrow withdraw the money, because I want a crisis of liquidity in RON.>> .” In retort, Georgescu expressed his surprise at Basescu’s statements, but did not want to comment.
Iohannis, the only “bright spot”
At the opposite end, Traian Basescu once again praised the nomination of Sibiu mayor Klaus Iohannis for the office of minister of Interior and vice-premier in the Ponta government. “Iohannis would be a big advantage at JHA, in the Justice and Home Affairs Committee, because he certainly speaks German, at least. Stroe was flapping his hands there, because he had no dialogue, the direct contact, he had to tell the ministers what he wanted through a secretary,” the president said. He added that he opposed the nomination of Iohannis as premier in 2009, when “his nomination was made at Grivco, at Voiculescu.”
“If he leaves the government, Antonescu loses the leadership of PNL in 30 days”
The recent tensions within USL do not seem to concern the president, who believes that the members of USL are “condemned” to stay together, otherwise both PSD and PNL would lose: “Think that Ponta would have a majority on the edge, while Antonescu, if he leaves the government, I think that in 30 days he is no longer the president of PNL.” Basescu also claims that the PNL leader understood that he will not be the candidate of USL in the presidential elections. Referring to the statements of USL leaders, who mutually accuse of “collaborationism” with the head of state, Basescu mentioned that he keeps the premier under close watch, but the president of PNL, when he rests, does not stimulate him to make any statement.
On the other hand, he added that there are many leftist people in PNL, giving as examples Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Radu Stroe and Mircea Ionescu Quintus, whom he said “would have kissed Ion Iliescu on the mouth anytime” rather than kissing Petre Roman.
In retort, the president of PNL said that Traian Basescu was and will remain the enemy of liberals, because he has constantly acted against democracy, and he is in no position to say that these liberals are leftist. Nor did the premier allow himself being impressed by the president’s words, saying that Daniel Chitoiu and Andrei Gerea are still ministers, so Basescu can file even 70 criminal complaints.

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