Basescu: Antonescu, Ponta, Zgonea should resign immediately

President Traian Basescu continues his offensive against USL representatives. Thus, Basescu stated on Friday on B1TV that if the changes brought to the Penal Code are not quickly corrected there will be “formidable consequences,” including the suspension of Romania’s right to vote at Brussels. The President called on Victor Ponta, Crin Antonescu and Valeriu Zgonea to resign, in order to give a signal meant to restore Romania’s credibility. The Head of State also claimed that both Ponta and Antonescu were aware of the changes brought to the Penal Code. “They both knew, the arrangement between Ponta and Antonescu was sealed on Monday, before Ponta’s departure. (…) They both agreed that these laws should pass while Ponta is in South Africa. A bunch of liars; when they saw that things were serious they started to back down, based on the principle each for himself” the President pointed out, being quoted by Mediafax.
Moreover, according to him, Ponta has two to-do-lists, one from EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, and the other from PC’s Honourary President Dan Voiculescu, and he never knows which one takes precedence. “It he wants to know, I will tell him: Barroso’s list takes precedence,” the Head of State said.
The President claims that PNL President Crin Antonescu’s “distancing” from the amnesty law on which he had agreed with Victor Ponta was caused by the fact that the PNL’s leader had seen “the huge pressure generated by the press” as a result of the Penal Code scandal. “They also wanted to solve the problems of Nastase, Voiculescu, Relu Fenechiu,” Basescu added. Speaking about Pm Ponta, President Basescu said ‘he still remains the one who resorted to the coup d’état and blocked the Constitutional Court with Emergency Ordinances.” In this context, he pointed out that the “Penal Code coup” is much more serious in what concerns the rule of law.
Basescu claims that although PDL and the High Court of Justice (ICCJ) have attacked at the Constitutional Court (CC) the changes brought to the Penal Code, this prolongs the process and during this time the chancelleries will keep their eyes on Romania. The Head of State pointed out that 90 per cent of MPs did not know what they were voting and he would not include them all in “that devious mechanism.” On the other hand, Basescu said that Premier Victor Ponta’s statements towards the US embassy, in relation to Chevron, in fact represent “outright blackmail.” “It was blackmail towards the US embassy: if you don’t calm down I might stop protecting Chevron. I didn’t believe such statements could be made. I don’t even consider he made a mistake, had it been a mistake he would have realized it and reconsidered. It was simply outright blackmail,” Basescu said. We remind our readers that Ponta stated, when referring to the changes to the Penal Code, that he does not believe any European embassy contests the Parliament’s right to issue laws, since “this happens in their countries too,” adding that the only reaction that was completely wrong came from the US embassy, which referred to investments.
Voiculescu: Basescu reached agreement with Antonescu to send me to jail
PC’s founding president Dan Voiculescu stated in a post on his blog that Traian Basescu and Antonescu allegedly reached an agreement to send him to jail. Antonescu replied that Dan Voiculescu’s statement regarding an alleged agreement between him and Basescu was “an unfortunate joke,” pointing out that it might have been a “panic attack.”

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