Basescu clears STS of responsibility in Apuseni rescue operations

The President blamed politicians for having tried to ‘discredit” the Special Transmission Service. He said the lack of coordination led to the failure of the rescue mission of the air crash victims in due time.

President Traian Basescu said last night, following a Supreme Council National Defence (CSAT) meeting, that the Special Transmission Service (STS) is not responsible for the huge delay in localising the air crash victims two weeks ago in Apuseni Mountains. He declared that STS was “incorrectly’ accused by the politicians and the media.
“These past days we have witnessed a public lie launched by politicians, a lie that is intended to discredit a state institution that did its job… I cannot enter the dismissal games only for the sake of a PR stunt”.
Basescu said he did not wish to speak about the air crash at this point but he has been forced to convene a CSAT by the Prime Minister. He continued defending STS saying that this institution doesn’t have “the technical identification means” of the mobile phones.
« What it has been said was a public lie », the President said.
He said that the Apuseni action was not coordinated according to the rules and the legislation in place, and therefore it was a failure. He explained that the STS has the obligation to pick up from the emergency line the information sent by the telephone operators. STS has the capacity to identify exactly the location from where the phone call was made in the very moment when a call is made from a landline phone, Basescu further said.
The President did not miss out to stress that under his leadership, crisis situations had a positive outcome. “Institutions such as the MoD (Ministry of National Defence), the Intelligence Agency of the MoD, the Romanian and Foreign Intelligence Agencies (SIE and SRI), and the military aviation reached their objectives when they worked under my leadership”.Basescu thus mentioned the release of the journalists kidnapped in Iraq back in 2004 and the repatriation of terrorist Omar Hayssam, responsible for the kidnapping, back to Romania. The president said that what made the difference between these situations linked to the national security and the rescue operation in Apuseni is the lack of coordination in the last instance.   Traian Basescu also slammed the snow cleaning operations and blamed the companies responsible for lacking proper logistic. Basescu cut short his statement as he was due to meet the IMF team. According to official sources close to the meeting, Basescu reiterated that he would sign the letter of intent only if the fuel tax hike is not part of the agreement.

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