Basescu: Daniel Morar matches profile of future Romanian president

Message to Romanians: “Do not bring to Cotroceni an individual dependent on local barons”.

After criticizing the possible presidency candidates of the opposition and said that only former PDL PM Emil Boc seems fit as president from the right political panel, President Traian Basescu advances a new option now.
Invited to “Adevarul Live” studio, the Head of State said on Wednesday that Daniel Morar, former Chief Prosecutor of National Anti-Corruption Directorate DNA, fits perfectly to the “profile” of Romania’s next president, because he is “a person who has already proved something for the country,”  he is about 40 years old and has a political negotiation experience.

“He needs to have a solid experience of political negotiation, not like me from time to time, when I needed to create governments, but all the time, to be able to negotiate with the ruling parties and the opposition parties alike, to find solutions,” said Basescu.
Traian Basescu said he would like “a politician who, if he entered politics with an apartment, the candidacy for presidential elections should find him with an apartment, or if he received a Mercedes, very well, to remain with that Mercedes, but to avoid to let wealth overwhelm him once he entered politics.”
Inquired whether Daniel Morar would fit this profile, the president answered: “I think so. I agreed I will not say, but I believe Daniel Morar fits the profile I created.”
No chance for Ponta to became president
According to the president, Victor Ponta stands no chance to become president, because the left wing cannot defeat the right wing by itself, if the right wing is smart enough to unite. The Head of State sent a message to Romanians as well, namely not to bring at Cotroceni a person who is dependent on barons, saying he has no qualms in saying he means Victor Ponta. “He says: I want a change. What do you want to change, Ponta? The fact that the justice has started to work, do you want to change the ANI institution, do you want to change the Labour Code, do you want to change the Education Law, do you change the way SRI and SIE became political neutral? Do you want to change the way DNA and DIICOT are not politically controlled? What do you want to change? Consolidate! But such a politician, controlled by barons whom he defends… I’ m not telling stories, I have not invented them, Ponta’s perpetual message is for the president to leave and then he stops the investigations against local barons,” said Basescu.
He said “Romanians realize the huge danger lurking in bringing a person to Cotroceni who, one way or another, appoints prosecutors, judges at the High Court, controls the security services of the country.”  “He will make decisions pushed by czars, but by his conscience or the needs of the country,” said the Head of State.
The president also said that “one of the elements of our poverty is the corruption of the local barons.”  “The amounts of money the local barons receive are much higher and with much greater effects than what the ministers are doing,” commented Traian Basescu.
The Head of State criticized the reaction of the Government during the latest floods, also the visit paid by PM Ponta at the affected areas. “When you go to floods and you know you will get soaking wet, step where the others were stepping, because you should know those people in the villages went through the water to save what was left to be saved,” commented Basescu, adding that Ponta and Dragnea “were embarrassing as appearance,” meaning they visited the areas affected by floods with a boat.
Neither Russian FM nor Putin can convince me Russia is holding out an olive branch’
President Traian Basescu asserted that Russia generates conflicts and instability in the region; he stressed that neither Russian President Vladimir Putin, nor Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, nor the Foreign Ministry in Moscow can persuade him that their country ‘holds out an olive branch.’ ‘They can be disappointed all they want, I am also disappointed by the Russian Federation’s actions in the region, and I have always said publicly that the Russian Federation is a destabilizing element in the region,’ Basescu said in the Adevarul Live webcast, referring to a release of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
The President pointed out that Romania has direct communication ways with Russia. According to him, his counsellors have met the Russian ambassador to Romania; he declined to disclose the content of the talks with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, explaining that he would be no politician if he discussed the details of a private meeting.  ‘The relations work at the current level, we do not kiss, but this doesn’t mean the relation is broken. (…) We use our embassies to convey our messages,’ the head of state stated.

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