Basescu doesn’t rule out a new referendum for unicameral Parliament

“We must respect the result of the referendum, but the draft revision of the Constitution does not reflect the sovereign will of the people. So we must also consider the possibility of repeating the referendum when they are in power (USL),” the president said.

President Traian Basescu stated yesterday, to the ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ broadcast on the B1TV television channel, that he didn’t’ exclude the possibility of initiating a new referendum on the single chamber Parliament issue, while explaining that a smaller number of seats will force the political parties to be more exigent with the persons they propose as candidates. ‘What would Mr Ponta say, for instance, if, while he will be planning the presidential elections, [...] I issue a decree on the organisation of a referendum to reconfirm the idea of a single chamber Parliament? Since we have already completed the procedure… Will this bring him peace? I will be a President who disturbs him, while he doesn’t care when he breaks the will of the Romanians who said very clearly they wanted a single chamber Parliament and 300 MPs’, Basescu told, quoted by Agerpres. He said that, in case the rulers would refuse again to acknowledge the results, ‘Romanians would punish them severely’.
“My best wishes to the president,” PM Victor Ponta yesterday said about Basescu, adding that the president “can do whatever he wants” with regard to the possibility of a new referendum for the unicameral Parliament.
I would like to talk with leaders of ruling parties
On the other hand, Basescu said that he would like to talk with the leaders of the ruling coalition that should lead to ‘a political understanding in favour of Romania.’ ‘I think our priority is the consolidation of justice – this is a quite fundamental thing – the second priority is connected to an economic growth topping 3 percent and I am taking full responsibility for the statement that Romania can have an economic growth ranging between 3 and 4 percent if we do what is proper – the continuation of the integration processes that is the foundation of our policy within the European Union …, no less important is the next step: the Schengen area, the Eurozone and I can bring you arguments that all this is possible if we do what is proper,’ the Head of State told. When asked if this understanding can have the form of an ‘addendum to the cohabitation pact’ that was signed with the Premier, the President denied it and made it clear that it could be ‘a political understanding in favour of Romania’: ‘We have nothing to negotiate for in justice. The only thing that is to do in justice is to withdraw any action of a political character referring to the interference in justice’. When asked about the cohabitation pact, he answered: “Write it on the list of valid topics!” “Probably few politicians of the USL imagine what shock they produced in Romania and in the EU with what they did in the black Tuesday (when the changes to the Penal Code and the law of amnesty were promoted),” the president added.
Basescu wants a right-wing president
The president also referred to the presidential elections of this year, mentioning that he wants to turn over his mandate to a right-wing president and, if he will support someone for this office, he will do it after the European elections. Basescu explained that the majority built around PSD could operate until 2016 and it would be good if the president were not dominated by this party. He added that Ion Iliescu was a president dominated by his own party and Emil Constantinescu did not have a strong party to support him. Asked if he is not pleased with the candidacy of Catalin Predoiu for the presidential elections on behalf of PDL, Basescu gave a negative answer. “No, I am not, because I kn ow him better. He is the president that would secure complete peace in the country,” Basescu ironically said. He mentioned that he still expects, one year after “parting” with PDL, for “the grand leaders” of this party to appear. In a different move, Basescu said that he will exert his mandate until the last day, 21 December 2014, and that he will be an “involved president.”
As for the laws overdue in Parliament from the last session, Traian Basescu reiterated that he wants to end with the law of amnesty and pardon, make it forgotten in the drawers of the Parliament, or have it rejected by vote. He added that the MCV report cannot avoid noticing the problems regarding the Parliament which occurred on the “black Tuesday.” He mentioned that the report will probably demand dropping the law of amnesty.
Message for the politicians of Chisinau
The president mentioned that he has had enough hearing the “story” about Romania not giving money to R. Moldova, which is “some sort of incorrectness” of Chisinau politicians, whom he told: “Brothers, let’s calculate your invoice!” “Romania spent, these years, some 500 M, of which 75 pc went to the Republic of Moldova,” Basescu said. According to the president, this is the sixth year when Romania gives 5,500 scholarships to the youths of R. Moldova, which does not come “cheap,” plus the electricity provided when Moldova needed it.

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