Basescu: If PSD loses presidency, Ponta will be kicked out of party

President Traian Basescu believes that Victor Ponta will be expelled by his own political formation – the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), if the party loses the presidential elections, as PSD aims to control institutions such as the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the Directorate for the Investigation of Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) or the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).
‘If PSD loses the presidential elections, where the stake is to get control over the appointments to DNA, DIICOT, the General Prosecution Office and the High Court of Cassation and Justice, as well as SRI – which cases them serious damage (…), so if PSD’s bid for Romania’s Presidency fails, I believe Ponta will be removed. Ponta must win the presidential elections, or he loses everything. He is wrong if he indulges in the illusion that PSD will keep him in the office of Prime Minister if he does not give them the satisfaction of controlling DNA, SRI, DIICOT and the High Court. If he fails in the presidential elections, he is out,’ Basescu told the B1 TV station on Sunday.
The head of the state also said that Romania will suffer serious consequences if the presidential elections are won by a person that is not perceived as ‘an out-and-out democrat’.
The president added that he promises PM Victor Ponta that in 2016, the Popular Movement Party will remove him from ruling, and that he will be consultant for this party after his mandate will conclude, to bring them 30 per cent of the population’s votes. According to the Head of State, Victor Ponta depends, in order to remain PSD leader, prime minister and presidential candidate, on tycoons and Voiculescu and Ghita, stressing that, compared to PM Ponta, he made no compromise “either with Vantu or Ghita or Voiculescu,” just for the sake of having a good image, as they could not manage to make him their subordinate. Basescu also accused PM Ponta that, by the insults thrown at Elena Udrea the days before, he meant to throw a swing at him and his wife, to humiliate him, and said that “it is shocking how much cowardice this person displays.”
Through this criticism, the Head of State said he “absolutely agrees” with the idea advanced by Crin Antonescu regarding an anti-PSD coalition, to block the social-democrats’ access to the presidential position. “Ponta is already in campaign, the possible candidate from the right side has a disadvantage as he will join in July only, at least he should be one to be supported by everyone… Let this be a simple anti-PSD alliance, to block them to reach all the ruling power for PSD, for Victor Ponta,” said Basescu at B1TV channel.

Blaga, attack against Basescu
PDL chairman Vasile Blaga was inquired yesterday by journalists how he perceives President Traian Basescu’s acts over his final period of mandate, as the democratic-liberal leader said: “What would he have told Iliescu if the latter had acted the same?” “PDL and I are less interested in pictures taken in baggy trousers on the beach. We are interested in promoting our candidates for the European Parliament, by far the best list of candidates, of the platform with which the present and of course, attacking the bad ruling over the past two years of USL, then PSD, which inflicted only plague in this country,” answered Blaga, inquired about the pictures President Basescu took on the beach wearing a T-shirt with the Popular Movement Party.
Blaga also criticized the fact that President Traian Basescu “attacks everyone who does not see Elena Udrea as a potential candidate for Presidency.

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