Basescu: Negotiations meant to bring peace, not restore historical truth

The president paid a visit to the Palestinian Territories, where he met President Mahmoud Abbas and the Romanians living there.

Basescu said at a news conference after meeting Abbas that Romania supports John Kerry’s peace initiative without reserves and that the meaning of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations is to bring peace, not restore the historical truth. ‘(…) None of these problems can be resolved without compromise, a compromise that should have only one objective – two states in security and peace. It is very easy to cling to history when one does not want to reach a compromise, but the meaning of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations is to bring peace, not restore historical truth. Historical truth can remain in the history books and the compromise for achieving peace is what must be reached now’, Basescu stressed, as quoted by Agerpres, adding: ‘Nobody will deny history’.
Regarding bilateral relations, President Basescu announced that the Palestinian Joint Commission will convene over Feb. 12-14 in Bucharest, aiming at boosting cooperation level. ‘Concerning the bilateral relations, our objective is to boost the cooperation level and we hope that the organization in Bucharest of the Romanian-Palestinian Joint Commission over February 12-14 shall upgrade the bilateral relations to a higher level,’ Basescu said.  The head of state pointed out that Romania will continue to implement the assistance programmes for institutional construction and for staff training. In addition, Basescu said that Romania will continue offering scholarships to Palestinian youth.
In his turn, Mahmoud Abbas said that he will continue the efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful solution that will “end the Israeli occupation which began in 1967” and at building an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.
Abbas also said that extending the peace negotiations beyond the agreed nine-month period was not being considered. “We already have six months during which we had a whole set of negotiations in multiple rounds, both with the Americans and in a tripartite formula with the Israelis and the Americans. We have discussed all the basic matters added so far to the negotiations agenda. For the time being, the extension [of negotiations] has not been taken into account; instead, we considered focusing through the remaining period and not escaping into issues like prolonging the term,” Abbas said at a joint press conference with Romanian President Traian Basescu. In his turn, President Basescu asserted that Romania does not wish to publicly pronounce on this matter, as the negotiations are ongoing. ‘Romania does not support any radical solution, inasmuch as it would block peace, but we support wise solutions,’ Basescu also declared. The president of the Palestinian Territories mentioned the historic friendship relations existing between the two countries, and the role played by President Traian Basescu and the Government of Romania in strengthening these bilateral relations/ “We hope that the proceedings of the joint Romanian-Palestinian commission, due to be held next month in Bucharest, under the presidency of the ministers of Foreign Affairs of the two countries, will be successful and will mark a leap ahead,” he added.
President Traian Basescu told the Romanians living in the Palestinian Territories that they have the chance to live in a safe country, after the conclusion of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. The president added that Romania is interested by the situation in the region, because it is a zone situated in its proximity and inhabited by many Romanians.

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