Basescu, on summoning CSAT: Romania is in no danger

PM Ponta: The President will receive documents on situation in Ukraine, different from last Defence Council.

President Traian Basescu said Tuesday at Gandul Live, referring to the premier’s demand to call a session of CSAT dedicated to the crisis in Ukraine, that “this signal must not be given,” because Romania is not in peril of being attacked. Regarding this request of the premier, the president mentioned that other states of the region did not call their security structures. “This signal must not be given, because Romania is in no danger of being attacked,” Basescu stressed. He mentioned that, every day, at least one analysis of the situation in Ukraine, which is “fluid,” is received by the cabinet: “I can assure you that, each day, at least an evaluation of the situation in Ukraine. We are aware of everything that is happening.”
Premier Victor Ponta announced Monday that he would receive an updated analysis of the situation in Ukraine and Moldova and an update of Romania’s strategy, and he would submit these documents to the president in order to be discussed by the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT).
Later on Monday evening, the prime-minister told journalists during a press statement at the Government HQs that the situation in Ukraine has changed fundamentally since the last meeting of the Supreme Council of National Defence (CSAT), adding that the Council could define a clear position of Romania in this respect based on a document prepared by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (MAE), Internal Affairs (MAI) and National Defence (MoD), and by the intelligence services’ analysis. ‘(…) The document will be sent to the President. Only the CSAT can ask other institutions-intelligence services, SRI [the Romanian Intelligence Service] and SIE [the Foreign Intelligence Service] in this case – to contribute to the formulation of this document. (…) Based on these documents prepared by the ministries, to which data and information are added, and the additional data of intelligence services, which are under Parliament’s control, we should be able to have a clear position of the CSAT, a position of Romania on the current situation,’ the PM said at Victoria Palace. He mentioned that the information on Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova provided by the governmental institutions are updated, considering that ‘the last CSAT was held one and a half months ago, and the current situation has fundamentally changed since March 27.
Basescu challenges Ponta to discuss about the state of the nation
The president also said at Gandul Live that he would accept participating, together with Premier Victor Ponta, in a debate, before the elections for the European Parliament, about the state of the nation, on topics of economy, domestic politics, foreign politics. Asked if he would like to attend a debate on the state of the nation jointly with Premier Ponta, the president answered: “I would be pleased, I believe such a debate would be necessary to Romanians. I and Victor Ponta, especially as we have different approaches on economic matters. Such a debate would be very useful to Romanians, between a president that was president when the country was in crisis and a prime minister that found a macro-economically balanced country but who does not know what to do with it.”
In a different move, asked why the premier avoids the meetings with the envoys of the USA who come to Romania, Traian Basescu answered: “One must ask Mr. Ponta. (…) I don’t know why Mr. Ponta wants, but his position of avoiding the meetings with envoys of the United States is very well received at Moscow.” “You cannot cling to the idea that if I am prime minister, let Obama or Biden come. There are things that can be communicated through cablegrams. (…) Now there is a situation of instability in the region, in which it is emphasised the importance of the message and then it is instated that envoy from the State Department, in order to convey to you, Romanian dignitary, the message in spoken form. It is more than a cable,” Basescu explained.
The opposition demands urgent debate in Parliament
The members of PDL, PNL and PPDD in the Chamber of Deputies demanded yesterday, in plenum, holding an emergency debate in the Parliament on the crisis in Ukraine. Answering them, the leader of the parliamentary group of PSD, Marian Neacsu, said that such an initiative can be assumed by all group leaders and promoted by the leadership of the two Houses, so the debate can take place. Furthermore, liberal deputy Eugen Nicolaescu mentioned that the non-confidence motion of PNL, whose text will be finalised this week, will also refer to Ukraine and will criticise the fact that the Ponta government made proof of superficiality, blunders and lack of responsibility.
On the other hand, PDL directly asked President Basescu to convene talks with all political parties in order to find a “common voice” on R.Moldova, Ukraine.

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