Basescu: Romania must not fear aggression from Russia, Ukraine

The Head of State will no longer insist on the idea of the unification of Romania and R. of Moldova.

Romanians must not fear aggression from either Russia or Ukraine, Romanian President Traian Basescu stated on Monday. ‘There is no reason whatsoever for Romanians to fear possible aggression from the Russian Federation or Ukraine,’ Basescu told Adevarul Live, a daily Adevarul webcast.  He rejected of the most definite manner a possible war that would be triggered by the current situation in Crimea. ‘Most definitely not, there will be no war, either in the Black Sea region, or in Ukraine, more less in Crimea,’ said Basescu.
The president explained that, after the referendum, nothing will change militarily in Crimea and the Russian federation will maintain the entire Black Sea fleet, the number of troops will stay at 25,000, as there were until now by agreement, and military operations will remain the same.
The president however warned that what happened in Crimea is a projection for a scenario that could be applied to the Republic of Moldova as well. Despite this scenario, Basescu said that “In any case, Romania will not intervene militarily.” “I want this to be understood, let’s firmly rule out the variant in which Romania invades R. of Moldova on its own,” he stated.
In this context, President Basescu criticised the position of Chisinau authorities toward Russia and the problem of Transdnestr region, saying that “the political approach of Chisinau is a risky one, that of continuously going easy on the sensibilities of the Russian Federation and not saying outright, in Moscow, what it wants, what it wishes, how it wants to solve the problem of Transdnestr, how it wants to further evolve toward the West.”
“We often noticed almost a pleasure of top Moldovan politicians to rather lash at Romania than the Russian Federation (…)” the head of state said. Basescu also criticised the statements made in Bucharest by PM Victor Ponta and his Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca on the scholarships granted to Moldovan students. “To me, it was a very unpleasant signal the conference made by Iurie Leanca with Premier Ponta in Bucharest and casting a shadow on the number of scholarships we grant to Moldovan youths. I was completely displeased, especially as it is not to the best interest of both R. of Moldova and Romania if the prime minister of Romania has a dubious position regarding R. of Moldova. (…) Leanca can have whatever opinion he wants,” the president mentioned.
In view off al this, Traian Basescu stated that he will no longer insist on the idea of the national project regarding the unification of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. ‘I will stop insisting on the idea of the national project regarding the unification of Romania with the Republic of Moldova, since it is obvious that it does not enjoy the support of the political class. However, I will never forgive those who will just sit and watch how the Republic of Moldova becomes subject to the same type of scenario as Crimea or South Ossetia or Abkhazia, just because they need to affirm their servility towards Moscow, while we are not supposed to disturb them,’ Basescu told Adevarul Live. He also underscored that he is no anti-Russian and that he wants to have a good relation with the Russian Federation.
He explained that Romania had the obligation to tell Moldova about the political option of the union, given the geopolitical context. “As a head of state, I have the obligation to consider the history of Russia’s practices. Moscow does not believe in tears and mercy, when it can solve its interests. It is clear that President Putin, who has as project restoring the USSR, does not forget about R. of Moldova in this scenario. I go to the border and move barriers away if Moldovans want the unity. I do not fear the Russian citizen, or the policy of the Russian Federation, as long as this goes inside international conventions,” Basescu added.
On presidential elections and candidates
Traian Basescu did not omit the Romanian politics and voiced his conviction that, if the right nominates a presidential candidate right after the European elections, the left will not give the president in the autumn. “No poll gave me as winner against Nastase, but after the first round the whole right-wing electorate gathered around me. In 2009, I won being the exponent of the right, although no poll gave me as winner.” Regarding Crin Antonescu, the president said that “as a politician, he is more intelligent than people want to believe” and that the liberal leader will not sacrifice the presidential candidacy if Johannis will be better placed in the party polls. As for the possible candidates of PSD in the presidential elections, Basescu said that Mircea Geoana has no chance with a new candidacy. “I give him no chance, not even to be allowed by Victor Ponta to run in elections,” the president said. In retort, PSD President Victor Ponta commented that the only good thing about the presidential elections is that Traian Basescu is not going to be president anymore and that satisfies him a lot. Ponta added he has no intention to run for President provided there will be a President-Premier tandem.
Asked about the chances of Elena Udrea to run for president, in the context of some polls indicating that she would obtain about 30 pc in a final against Victor Ponta, President Basescu answered that “she can physically beat Ponta, if needed.” As a matter of fact, the head of state praised Udrea’s political evolution, saying People Movement Party has grown since she joined it.

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