Basescu: Romania will join the Euro-Atlantic effort to restore law and order in Ukraine

On Wednesday at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, President Traian Basescu said Romania will join the Euro-Atlantic efforts to restore law and order in Ukraine, while reading out a declaration on Ukraine.
‘Romania is unreservedly supporting Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty and recognising the new Ukrainian authorities as the legitimate representatives of the country. Romania believes that any presence on Ukraine’s soil of troops of the Russian Federation without Ukraine’s consent and outside the limits of bilateral agreements means aggression against Ukraine. We appreciate the conduct of the Ukrainian troops, who have not responded to provocations, and thus avoided conflict escalation,’ said Basescu.
He mentioned that Romania believes the initiative of the Parliament of Crimea to pass a declaration of independence from Ukraine, in view of the referendum convened for March 16, is illegitimate and that in establishing the fundamentals of the document the Parliament pointed to the Kosovo precedent while misinterpreting the decision of the International Court of Justice in the Serbia versus Kosovo case.
Although remarking that right now risks have worsened and threaten to impact European security, President Basescu believes there is no risk of a conflict between Romania and the Russian Federation, a reason why the national alert level will not be raised.  ‘(…) This does not mean the Romanian Army sits and waits for spring to come. The Romanian Armed Forces are conducting their training exercises and drills as planned,’ said Basescu. He also said that the Romanian air space is open to NATO surveillance planes and that Romania is flying planes over Ukraine. He also reported having authorised the presence in Romania’s territorial waters of a French frigate, which is expected in the days ahead.
Yet the Head of State pointed out that his concern is with Moldova. ‘As far as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict goes, there are no immediate risks like waking up to foreign tanks surrounding the borders. Yet, my biggest concern is with Moldova; because there was Georgia, there is Ukraine now and Moldova could follow (…),’ Basescu said, informing had a phone conversation with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti  on this topic.
‘I had only one conversation, but I do not believe he needs me to share with him some of my worries. I have witnessed feverish activity of late. But you should know that it will serve no purpose Prime Minister Leanca walking through Bucharest and joining Victor Ponta in attacking the President. Leanca should instead take care of his relation with the Russian Federation,’ said Basescu.

Poll: Nearly 60 pc of Romanians say Ukraine is an European country, should join EU
Nearly 60 percent of Romanians say Ukraine is a European country that should join the European Union, shows an INSCOP poll. Another 12.4 percent think Ukraine is not a European state and it should remain outside the EU, while a significant percentage – 28.4 percent – do not know or will not give an answer to the matter. Around 30 percent of Romanians (29.2 percent) believe that prolonging the conflicts in Ukraine can affect the security of Romania ‘much and very much’, 18.5 percent say ‘neither much nor little’, 37.9 percent ‘little or very little’ and 14.5 percent do not know or will not give an answer.
The poll was conducted by INSCOP Research on commission from ‘Adevarul’ daily over Feb. 27 – March 4, 2014.

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