Basescu sends Cazanciuc the request for the criminal prosecution of Cristian David

President Traian Basescu sent Thursday to Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc the request for the criminal prosecution of Cristian David, former delegate minister for the Romanians from Everywhere, while also informing the prosecutor’s office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) in this respect. Basescu also informed PICCJ about the criminal prosecution request for the ex-delegate minister for Romanians from Everywhere.
The DNA report in view of making the request of criminal prosecution against Cristian David was sent to President Traian Basescu, also Wednesday, by general prosecutor Tiberiu Nitu. According to the document, in order to justify, in the wealth statement submitted on 14 June 2013, the entry in his patrimony of a sum which he could not justify by licit means, Cristian David falsely wrote in the column dedicated to “incomes from other sources” having received EUR 60,000 from his mother as a returned loan.
The former delegate minister for Romanians from Everywhere said that he resigned from PNL to avoid damaging the image of the party following the DNA accusations and is more than willing to come with data that will clarify the situation.
David’s mother, criminally prosecuted in the same file
The mother of the former delegate minister for Romanians from Everywhere, Georgiana Dumitrescu, is criminally prosecuted in his case, for forgery and material forgery in official writs, according to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA). DNA says that it has data and evidence that hint to the mother of the former dignitary having accepted to sign a pre-contract of sale-purchase for a building in Azuga, and later a sale-purchase contract concluded in authentic form on August 30, 2013, both with unreal content and destined to being used by her son Cristian David as justificatory documents in the evaluation procedure of his wealth. The mother of Cristian David was Wednesday at the DNA to be informed about the accusations.

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