Basescu suggests Romania’s Schengen accession process must be initiated this year

The Republic of Moldova and Nabucco, on the agenda of the talks the president had with European Council President Herman van Rompuy.

President Traian Basescu on Thursday met in Brussels the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, at his request, with discussions relating on the necessity of launching Romania’s Schengen accession process this year, Republic of Moldova and Nabucco. President Traian Basescu stated that he discussed with the head of the European Council about ‘the support to be granted to Moldova to help it sign the Association Agreement with the EU as soon as possible and ratify it in due time, before the elections.’“The topics of conversation have been announced – the Moldova issue and getting the necessary support toward signing it and ratifying it in due time, before the elections. I have warned against potential risks involving Gagauzia and Transnistria,” Basescu stated after his meeting with Rompuy.
‘Moreover, another extremely important topic that we approached was related to Schengen, my proposal being that we must do something this year. In other words, we should initiate the Schengen accession process, even in stages, as it was established, this year’ Basescu told the Romanian correspondents in Brussels.
Asked whether the position adopted by the President of the European Council seemed to attest that progress will indeed be done with respect to Schengen, Traian Basescu said: ‘You know very well that he is not the problem here. But let’s, instead, do something together to be sure that we put things in motion before the end of the year. We cannot stumble every time new statements or ideas of some groups in Parliament appear.’ And, not lastly, the President mentioned that another topic discussed by the two ‘related to the energy field and our frustration that Nabucco, which was a European project, was abandoned.’
President Traian Basescu’s meeting with Herman Van Rompuy started around lunchtime, Mihnea Motoc, the Romanian ambassador to Brussels, taking part in the talks too, Mediafax informs. The Presidency announced on Wednesday that Traian Basescu’s meeting with the President of the European Council took place at the request of the Romanian President. The agenda of the talks included subjects of common interest, such as Romania’s priorities within the European Union in 2014, the Republic of Moldova’s European Union association, Romania’s Schengen accession and the development of the southern corridor for the supplying of natural gas to the European market. The meeting appeared on European Council President Herman Van Rompuy’s agenda on Monday.

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