Basescu supports PMP, attacks power

The President made several electoral statements this weekend.

Present in Timisoara, Basescu stated yesterday at a debate titled “Continuing state reform in education and health,” a debate organized by the “Popular Movement” Foundation, that the Romanian state is still too inefficient and rigid in its relation with citizens, because it does not accept to be managed by competent persons, being managed by politicians instead.
“We shouldn’t have a politician at ANAF Timisoara, ANAF Arad, at the education inspectorate in Timisoara, at the Consumer Protection Office. (…) All these institutions, which are part of the state, are strongly polluted with corruption,” Basescu said, being quoted by Mediafax. The President claims that state institutions have ended up being considered “the fiefdom of parties, solely because they have won the elections,” and added that the parties should be sanctioned for what they are doing.
Attack on ruling power
The President did not lose the opportunity to attack ruling power parties (PSD in particular), stating that in almost ten years in office he never believed that a political force with 70 per cent (USL) could display “a behavior like in the 1950s,” both from an institutional point of view and from the point of view of relations with the population. He pointed out that irrespective of who is governing in the following period “they have to understand to leave the part of the state they control outside political games and vested interests.” On the other hand, Basescu stated that he will spend the last day of his term in Sannicolau Mare, where he decided to run for a second term back in 2009, and he told the people of Timisoara that he noticed that he has to go to Banat if he wants to feel good.
The day before, in Arad, the Head of State posed alongside dozens of people, including children, stating that he feels good there because “people are calmer,” while in Bucharest “everyone is nervous.” Asked why he did not attend the award ceremony at the Arad Rally competition, a ceremony attended by Elena Udrea and Emil Boc, Basescu answered that he did not want to look like a copilot, an allusion to Premier Victor Ponta who has a passion for rallies. “Instead of looking silly I preferred not to go, because I saw that some tried out with boats and ended up in a rubber dinghy.” Moreover, in the speech he gave at the debate organized in Arad by the PMP, Basescu stated that most of those that want to go to the EP have their eyes set on their salaries as MEPs.
In the speech he gave on Friday at the reception organized on Europe Day, the President stated that there is the risk of the May 25 elections becoming the means through which populist parties confiscate the European integration agenda through exaggerated representation within the EP. He asked Romanians to take into account the fact that the European Parliament elections have the same importance for their future as national elections and asked them “to vote in numbers as high as possible.”
All guns on Ponta
The end of the week belonged to Basescu too, who stated on B1 TV on Thursday evening that Victor Ponta will not become president, pointing out that he will engage in a dispute with him every day in order to prove to Romanians that he should not become head of state. Basescu pointed out that the Premier’s model is Che Guevara, who was worse than Vladimir Putin, “with whom one can nevertheless talk” and who is nevertheless “a man with a vision.” Nevertheless, according to the president, the Premier’s dearest option would be to pay a visit to and to be received by Vladimir Putin, pointing out that there are some attempts to pay a visit to the Russian Federation.
Asked for his comment on the document that the government sent to Brussels, a document concerning the DNA and the ICCJ, the head of state said that the document shows the Premier’s capacity for double discourse. Basescu did not stop there however. The President claims that Ponta “has a hollow character,” because he left his 6-month-pregnant wife in order to marry the daughter of a PSD leader (his current wife Daciana Sarbu). Moreover, he stated that the PSD President allegedly asked him to be his godfather. The Premier later denied the allegation.
Things were different in what concerns Elena Udrea, Traian Basescu having only words of praise for her. Basescu admitted that he promoted many women in politics but Udrea was the only one who had the courage to fight men and did not want to remain dependent on them.

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