Basescu wants Romania to join Schengen before the end of his presidentship

Back from Brussels last night, President Traian Basescu said that Romania aims to become a Schengen area member state by the end of the year. He added that this target is not only a country objective, but a personal one as well.

“Regarding the Schengen access, I informed the president of the European Council that Romania aims to become a member until the end of the year, for a number of reasons.  It is a country objective but also a personal one. As I finish my presidential term on December 21, I would like to see this EU integration step completed, even if this would be a two-stage process”, Basescu said. He added that Romania hopes that this process to take place in October, because of ‘domestic developments’
Basescu also said that during talks with Herman van Rompuy he clarified an aspect related to the MCV, to be released most likely on January 22, namely that the report should mention the good functioning of the institutions which are able to stop “the politics slippages”.  He said that there are many stances in which the ‘possible abuses’ of the Parliament or of the Majority have been stopped by the Constitutional Court.

President denies his daughter was paid by Gazprom

Basescu said that his older daughter Ioana was not paid by Gazprom and that as a notary she can legalise all kind of documents.
“This is a lie of Securistate man Voiculescu (…)” Basescu said answering to a journalist who asked him if his daughter works for the Russian oil giant.
Wednesday night, Antena3 news channel presented several testimonies and documents allegedly showing that Ioana Basescu legalized in her capacity of public notary several transactions between Gazprom and some local oil companies.




  1. De departe vedem..... says:

    Cind o sa ne platiti in bani pentru proprietatile “confiscate”=FURATE!
    O sa va facem stop sa ajungeti la Schengen Banda de tarahoi !,

  2. tatiana says:

    the President’s daughter made a lot of money because of Gazprom and of course her daddy knows that.

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