Basescu would not turn down position of prime minister

He would do this on ‘contract-basis’. Emil Boc – a good solution for President.

President Traian Basescu said on Monday evening that he would not turn down the position of prime minister and if he were asked to take over this position, he would do this ‘contract-based.’
‘Anyone can say whatever they want and I am free to say whatever I want. The matter of fact is that I am not that old so that if someone asked me to put the country back on track I would not do it. [I would do it] for one year, based on a contract: you leave the country to me and I clean it up. Because I look at the state’s institutions: we have here the biggest problem – the functioning of institutions. Here, the prime minister is fundamental, but we have had no prime minister, including Emil Boc [to tackle this issue],’ the President told B1 TV station, highlighting that he would not turn down the proposal to become prime minister.
He pointed out that he could team up with any president to be elected, but added that he could not make compromises with a head of state as Victor Ponta. ‘I can team up with anyone if they let me do what needs to be done to put the institutions back on track, to select the right people. I assure you that there can be any President. I certainly would not make compromises with a president as Ponta. This would be too big a compromise, but [I would team up with] a rightist president, who would want the institutions to work. I would make them work. It is a shame [to waste] the amount of experience that I have gained,’ added President Basescu.
The President went on to say that Emil Boc would be a very good solution for the position of President. Nevertheless, he “did not have the strength to depoliticize Government-owned institutions, not even where the Police department is concerned,” Basescu remarked. The President once again lobbied the People’s Movement Party (PMP), emphasizing that “he wants the voters that are left to vote with PMP, not PDL.” He criticized PDL’s political strategy to win votes by chanting slogans like ‘Basescu and Boc are the guilty ones because they cut wages’ and ‘Basescu put our people in prison.’ The President also commented on the electoral campaign, saying “I will not go to demonstrations, but if I am invited by parties to meetings and discussionss, I will categorically go. The President votes too.”
Prime Minister and the Liberals, under fire
Also on B1TV, the President characterized the Ponta governance as catastrophic, given its implementation of the additional fuel excise tax and 35 other new taxes. If the chairman of PSD ran for another term as PM, Basescu continued, he would not appoint him again. Furthermore, the head of state accused Labour Minister Rovana Plumb of making false statements about the current government having created 50,000 jobs. “She’s at an age when one can no longer lie,” he noted. However, Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu, supported and appointed by Prime Minister Ponta, seemed to be in the President’s good graces. Basescu said he liked her and expressed conviction that she “would skin them alive” through her ministry, but underlined she needs several months of adjustment because this is her first high ranking position.
Basescu also made a run at Crin Antonescu, about whom he expressly said was in a free-fall. “I am telling him he will fall; he’s on the children’s slide.” In the President’s opinion, Antonescu has “background”-related problems concerning the international community. Left-wing members of PNL will leave and follow former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, who represents PNL’s “Bolshevik wing,” he pointed out further.
Becali’s land exchange case, a sordid affair
The President touched on the topic of pardoning again and referred to Gigi Becali’s trial. “Here, it is said ‘Gigi Becali, innocent.’ Since I had access to CSAT’s papers, I was curious to see what the issue with the land property consisted of; there were rumors about land properties in Stefanesti, in Pipera, and a Romanian Army Debriefing was even rumored to take place in Stefanesti. Here lies the explanation based on which Cioflina and Babiuc were convicted. (…) So, the story about ‘seeing how land properties were really granted’ was a sordid affair, and a man who commissions that another man be brought to him in the trunk of a car is inconceivable,” Basescu commented. Recently, the head of state refused to pardon Gigi Becali. Becali was initially sentenced to three years’ imprisonment in 2013 in connection with the case involving an exchange of land properties with the Ministry of Defence, but his sentence was extended by six months following two additional convictions in the ‘Suitcase’ case and a case in which he was found guilty of kidnapping the persons who has stolen his car.
In favour of his youngest daughter deciding not to run
The President also spoke about his daughter, Elena’s decision not to run in the European Parliamentary elections, saying he agrees with her and supports her unconditionally. “I believe she will fit well in PMP; she will take a job and perhaps give birth to another grandson,” he concluded.

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